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Bamboo Blade 6, 7 – the spirit of warriors…

Oh come on, you didn’t think I’d write something serious about this one, did you?

I’ll admit, I did laugh when everyone except the “pure hearted” Tama-chan didn’t realize that nobody was fooled by her disguise. But over all, this was just another amusing but not laughing out a loud show.

Interesting knowledge on kendo, and good kendo animation. But for sword fighting action, I watched Claymore last season and this doesn’t remote compare to that show at all. No, that’s not the reason anyone would want to watch this, but no, it’s not all that great either.

Tama is Tama – the clueless about everything except kendo and sendai shows shy girl that’s really cute and speaks in a small voice.

Kirino is Kirino – outgoing nothing gets to me onesan/sempai.

Miya-Miya is Miya Miya – two face but not much of a fighter.

Saya is Saya – nothing like the Saya that makes Buffy look like a girl scout, but more like just another girl. Well, actually, she learns fairly quickly and instead of just using too much energy and fighting someone for a long time, she actually pulls off a couple of moves.

I didn’t think what Tama-chan taught can make people that strong that quickly.

The main draw of episode 7 is the fight between Tama and Ishibashi Kenzaburō, the instructor on the other side. I know nothing about kendo, so I wasn’t sure if what Tamaki did was a legal move or not, but apparently that’s fine. What surprised me was that a kid can fight an adult male. Well, that’s the magic of anime, I guess.

Nothing else I feel I want to talk about. It’s just pure entertainment but nothing deep. This season has been disappointing one for me so far because nothing so far has reached the depth of Claymore from last season. Not for the shows that I’m covering. I’m considering doing just Gundam 00, because it has political intrigue and a built-in conflict of CB and its purpose, and Genshikne s2, because that’s Otaku home turf. Anyway for this episode.

80% recommended.

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