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Aku No Hana Episode 7


That triumph. By which I mean, the triumph of women over men. Nakamura-san annuls the contract which should have caused Kasuga to scream in joy like MLM making skinship with Kana-chan a reality. Instead he is devastated. His expression, his defeated, no, relinquished spirit as he kneels pathetically on the classroom floor cements his submission of himself to her, man to woman.

Marx is certainly not wrong when he claimed that history is the struggle between the haves and the have nots but it may be even more accurate to say the same for women and men. Dating back to The Wife of Bath’s Tale, Chaucer made a case for female dominance centuries prior.

However, it’s not simply flowers we are seeing here. It’s flowers of evil. Women don’t have an innate desire to reign over men. They seek equality. The same cannot be applied to men given that those in power are often unable to recognize the privilege they hold. It’s an atrocity not unlike stealing a classmate’s gym uniform without conscious malicious intent. It just kind of happened right?

Well, it’s not cool.

Of course, it’s not right to retaliate in kind as Nakamura does. At some point, enough is enough. Evil begets evil. The viewer never truly feels sorry for Kasuga. He deserves everything. We see Nakamura smiling and blushing. She’s in bliss with power and in that moment all seems right with the universe. Having never read the eponymous book, I believe it’s a cautionary tale.

It’s highly intriguing on how the rest will unfold. I had expected Kasuga’s confession at the end.

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