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Akikan eps 01 – No, I’m sure it’s been the butt of many jokes.

(Among the fucking annoying construction noises of some damned skyscraper right outside of my apartment for the sake of some rich fucker’s gay union with the corrupted government – something of something straight out of ’80s Tokyo I bring you this review from Taipei, Taiwan, the ass end of the earth. Bleeding from my ears as I write this.)

I’m sure many of us cried a tear of regret as we tossed our coke cans away (not the small bag, the can!, the can!) However, as I watched this show last night drinking beer, the first thought (unfortunately yes, the first) was that a fat dude with glasses, not unlike myself in many aspects, was living in my Kirin beer can. The rather ugly thought made me pause for a moment as my hand stayed inches away from what’s in my dictionary, the water of life. I withdrew my hand and cringed at the though of kissing some nasty jiisan who was licking his lips waiting for my carbon dioxide (definitely not every yao/BL fan girl’s dream, I’m sure). Nonetheless, Disgusted with the concept, I still watched and drank. I really did like Kitamura Eri-like voice of the main girl, and the main guy at least had enough sense – cynical ones, approved by me, the Demon King of Cynicism – to poke, experiment with glee, and even molest what he thought was his imagination; Hey, after all, delusion, not unlike in Chaos; Head, can really be fucked with (sometimes with your girlfriends, Rosy Palm and Thumberina).
But of course, the somewhat slapstick humor quickly came to an end and the usual caring and passionate confession from the protagonist came, despite my fervent prayers.

“Well, I don’t know but I can’t help and care about you!”
Or some shit like that. It’s all the same!

So I mean, yeah, with all the cynicism aside, it’s a concept, and yes, as painfully as I have to admit, a revolutionary concept for a boy-meets-magical girlfriend show. However, what was funny was the director, who was so blatantly gay but not the BL kind. The unique mix of the director’s blunt-force trauma-like gay behavior and the odd concept straight out of a single, lonely can-mania’s head (I guess) makes this a unique harem show (or not). I mean, with Melon as concubine number 1 and the gay director as number 2, I’m certainly looking forward for the rest of them to show up in surprising ways!

As if.

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