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Anime Diet Radio Episode 7 – Confabulous!


This was a tough one to edit–Jeremy was only present for the second half, I had to cut some good content like my Paprika review due to technical length limits (stupid Garageband!), and it literally took all night–but it was worth it. For one this has to go up now, since the prime topic of conversation is Anime Expo: plans, hopes, fears, and, of course, gripes aplenty about both the weapon and sign policies they’ve instituted this year. Second was the Anime Genesis Podcasting Workshop promo, which also had to go up now, lest it become obsolete with the weekend…always want to help out my fellow podcasters! Other topics of conversation include a strongly worded rant on Taiwanese cons, Japan’s government ranking of anime and manga, and Johnny Depp in Doraemon.

Show Notes

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