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Just custom order him the Rozen Maiden Volks dolls!

From ANN

Prime Minister Fukuda to Govern without Manga Fan Asō

The Japanese parliament confirmed Yasuo Fukuda as the 91st Prime Minister of Japan Tuesday after he won the internal leadership election of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) over manga fan Tarō Asō. The more moderate Fukuda said he asked Asō, the nationalistic former foreign minister, to serve in his cabinet, but Asō declined, citing the desire to rest after serving in cabinet posts since 2003. Fukuda said he will talk with Asō again.

Ray’s take: my idea to get Aso to serve if I were Fukuda – I would dress up as one of these hot blooded mecha pilots and then I would go to his house. Then we’d have this conversation (please pretend we’re speaking Japanese):

Me the hot blooded mecha pilot (Pilot): Taro! What the hell’s wrong with you? Where’s your passion?

Taro the young man (Young man Taro): I…I’m just not so sure about it all…

Pilot: What do ya mean, not sure? The fate of the Japanese humanity rests in our hands, and you’re just sitting here whining about not sure? Where’s that fire I saw when we first fought?

Young man Taro: I don’t feel the passion anymore. I don’t want to do it anymore. (lowers his head). I quit.

Pilot (grabbing Taro by the collar): Bakayarou!!! How can you quit?

Young man Taro (choking back): I…I want to fight, too, but it’s just too damned frustrating! It’s too hard!

Pilot (punches Taro in the face): Sama! That was not we promised to do when we first joined the government (pants). Get your ass together and get your ass to the G&*d&m ASAP.

Young man Taro (hangs his head but does not move): I’m sorry (mutters)…

Pilot stays and stares at Taro for sometime, drops a package of Volks dolls before walking out in disgust.

Pilot (off the screen): Take those.

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