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“Astro Boy” Anime Reboot May Contain an Entirely Revamped Story

Fans of the classic Astro Boy series may be excited to hear that Monaco’s Shibuya Productions, Japan’s Tezuka Productions, and France’s Caribara Animation is in the midst of creating a new anime series revolving around Osamu Tezuka’s Astro Boy.

The series is scheduled to have 26 episodes, 30 minutes each. In addition, the anime will contain 2D, 3D, and CG techniques. The studios plan on recreating the classic series and retelling the tale to a new generation of kids.

Interestingly enough, Shibuya Productions founder Cedric Biscay stated that the producers have the right to create an entirely new story, including new characters. As for a teaser, it’s scheduled to premiere in September.

Commentary & Discussion

With such a classic series, should producers recreate and add new ideas to Astro Boy, and if so, could it potentially gain popularity with the new generation of kids? Let us know your thoughts on the manner!

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