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A Gundam series that’ll drag on for almost 2 years? Geez…

From Anime News Service

At the big Gundam 00 preview event held at Nakano Sun Plaza this past weekend, show staff mentioned that although the 1st TV season of Gundam 00 will only run 25 episodes (6 months) followed by an undetermined “break period” and then a second season, the effort will be a 3 year project when all is said and done.

Ray’s Take: Gosh, now they’re going to take longer to finish a single Gundam series. Let’s see, 25 episodes in 6 months, starting from this fall, so the “first season” will end in the spring/early summer of 2008, and then a new season will possibly start in fall of 2008, and end in the spring/early summer of 2009. I think I’ll go back and watch the series that had the real “soul” of Gundam – Zeta, original, and maybe Gundam Seed (for the sake of watching Kotono-sama). After all, I’m not exactly screaming “Allellujah” thinking about the new Gundam.

On the other hand, a break may help them to stop writing the main character off as a pedestrian character and give him more time (unlike in Gundam See Destiny). But looking at the new bishonen characters…Oh well, yaoi fan girls rejoice (and prepare your favorite tissues)!

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