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Day 2: Viz Panel Liveblog

12:12 PM (Mike): Announce “Bleach Day,” at Comic-Con. We actually have press passes to Comic-Con too, and we are going to go try to interview Tite Kubo!

12:15 PM (Mike): They’re talking about manga now. One Pound Gospel, Real, Slam Dunk

12:20 PM (Mike): solanin, which sounds kinda like Honey and Clover; aimed at twentysomethings

12:20 PM (Mike): Black Lagoon, the manga. Dust jackets at Comic Con

12:23 PM (Mike): Bleach manga box set, vol. 1-21. MSRP $150. Naruto box, Vol. 1-27. Death Note box, Vol. 1-12.

12:30 PM (Mike): Still talking about manga releases. Will wait until licensing announcements.

12:31 PM (Mike): A shoujo manga about massages?

12:33 PM (Mike): Doing drawings/door prizes. Maybe I missed the new license announcements?

12:37 PM (Mike): Q&A now. Looks like it’s over. Oh well.

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