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Halko Momoi Retracts?

Halko Momoi, who we talked about in our con wrapup podcast regarding the notorious treatment she received at AX 2007, has posted a thank-you which seems to double as a retraction. She now thanks the staff for their hard work, and talks about how great the concert was. (See the ANN news item about this.)

I’m an onlooker on these events, since I didn’t go to her concert on Monday, and it’s my understanding that her infamous negative blog post about AX 2007 was posted a day before that concert. As her apology notes, it was after a number of events, including her autograph session, were canceled. I suppose it shows how a good show can go a long way in repairing the feelings at least of an aggrieved performer.

I don’t think this letter, heartfelt as it is, totally negates the poor impression that her initial blog post caused for AX though. That a major guest would complain so openly and publicly is already something of a tipping point, a sign that all is not well at the root. It appears that the staff scrambled to make things better after the post, which is to their credit, and helped turn her overall experience into a generally positive one. She even notes at the end that she hopes to play more US shows in the future…will it be at AX again, though? Who knows.

This story ended well, but the lesson is still clear: don’t screw your guests of honor!

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