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Anime Expo: Calling All Bloggers

Rachel at theanimeblog has sent out the call, and I have responded. If you’re a fellow blogger about our beloved hobby–or just a faithful reader–and you’d like to meet me and other fellow bloggers at Anime Expo this year, let Rachel know! More importantly, spread the word on your own blogs, and hopefully we’ll see a good number of folks together at America’s biggest con. I plan to do a special live podcast and liveblogging while there, possibly including video! (I shot some blurry videos of last year’s AX, random stuff, and I was amazed at how many hits it still got on Youtube.)

Also, for those who are interested, there is a workshop being held on Monday July 2 about how to break into anime podcasting. It’s run by Anime Genesis, at 11:30 AM. So for all those itching to compete with our own lovely podcast, or more flatteringly itching to imitate us, go check it out if you’re at AX. I’ll be there to pimp my own wares. 🙂

So to whet your appetite: here are videos from last year’s AX. Enjoy and come join the madness if you dare!


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