Sacchan’s apocalypse: Promised Land = Yuri

promised land

Spoiler alert. 

Glasslip ep 9,  oh my gosh, Sacchan (Sachi) finally showed her true colour, that she is a lesbian, kyaaaaa, kimashi moment! Yes, that romantic confession, stipulated by the Japanese novelist, Natsume Souseki, that “I love you” of English to Japanese translation is “the moon is pretty.” Yeah, Sacchan to Touko, OMG. This frail and pale meganneko, finally the plot has moved!moon kimashi

Oh yes, according to Sacchan, the Promised Land is Yuri. Yes, “I’ve been to the mountain top, I’ve seen the Promised Land!” That famous MLK speech in Memphis, yes, he was actually referring to Yuri, now I’m convinced. 46 years has been past from the Preacher’s speech, and we’ve finally come to understand the real meaning of it. Yes, revelation has happened in Glasslip. Yes, revealed by Sacchan! Sacchan’s apocalypse! Yes, I think MLK also had the ability to see the future, he himself had Glasslip. Ah, yuri…so beautiful and graceful, I so want to be a girl. I wish I was born girl, like Otomen, yeah.

bodyYeah, I wish I was a girl, but I’m a straight otaku or a lesbian trapped in a male body who is into 2D girls like Yanagi, ohhh what a great body she got!  Breasts with abundance, twisted midriff, and fertile derriere, and that curve…just graceful…man, no guy can resist that, she was born to make love! If you look at her voluptuous body, it’s obvious. Otherwise, it won’t make any sense why God has created girls like her that erotic. There’s nothing more graceful than female body. As the Holy Scripture says, it’s not good for a man to be alone, especially kimo-ota. So, it’s destiny that girl stays by my side to please me. Please please me! Girl was created to help and assist men, wasn’t it? Mangaka san to Assistant san to is the bible for that. Mangaka as master and assistant as servant. Yes, the maid is the upmost ultimate form of helper, thus the ultimate embodiment of femininity. That’s why as a feminist I seek the ultimate femininity at maid cafes. Because otaku are always alone, so making otaku alone and lonely is against God’s will, it’s blasphemy! 3D girls are blasphemous! That’s why 3D has been a Godless world, no more Eden, paradise lost, distopia, the land of empty promises. Girl should always be there to support me, but our otaku life has been utterly girlless, as girlless=Godless=graceless. Not gratia plena at all, but gratia deficienta. Yes, being graceless, you’d come to conclude that God doesn’t really exist, thus eventually end up as an atheist. In turn, 2D girls are divine! Yeah, moekko. Therefore, 2D is utopia, paradise regained! Promised Land!

imoutoOh my gosh, there is Hina, Touko’s imouto, darn, she’s still in middle school, but really cute, kawaii. Touko is still cute, but Touko’s imouto is holier, that Sailor school uniform, OMG, just pretty.  So kawaii. Yes, Miwa from Barakamon is also really pretty, very sporty short hair and sailor uniform. And innocently mischievous and play prank. I wish I could hang out with middle school girls. I wish I had friends like them. But, that’d already be looked suspicious in this current society as I’m not a middle schooler anymore. So, only in anime, I can thoroughly stare at them and fantasize, ahh, I so envy Handa-sensei.

girls room

And, Hina visits Yanagi’s room to get a cloths. Yes, Yanagi has grown up, especially her breasts got bigger, so has to recycle her favorite one-piece which won’t fit anymore. So, she’s giving that to Hina who has smaller chest. Ah, Yanagi’s room is so pretty, ah so sweet, a girl’s room, that I always want to come. I rarely visited girl’s room, only a few times in my life. Oh yeah, it smells good. Girl’s perfume is just awesome, that itself is aroma therapy. Probably using febreze to clear the smell out and put some perfume candle. It’s totally a different world from a filthy dude’s world that I always want to escape from. Yeah, I want to be in this small cosmos, yes, a little paradise of girl’s room, or little nirvana. Or a little promised land. It’s just lovely!

Febreze is a must item to keep girl's room clean and neat and pretty.
Febreze is a must item to keep girl’s room clean and neat and pretty.

Man, Glasslip, ah, what an anime! Yuri, sexy dynamite, and imouto. Just awesome…surely the Promised Land!

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