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The ‘louch is loose!

From ANN

Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, August 21–27

1 Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 #1 August 22 Bandai Visual

(See the rest of the chart at ANN)

Ray’s take: so fanboys AND fangirls come out at full force to support the ‘louch! ‘louch! ‘louch! ‘louch! ‘louch! ‘louch! ‘louch! —

That’s what happens at a college Otaku frat party in the middle of the Lelouch drinking game, right?????? XD I wanna start my own genshiken, hey, at least we get women and lots of ’em. Eat your hearts out, Trekkies!

Looking at the chart, Junjou Romantica is at No.3, so the fangirls are out in legions. Damned scary. Lucky I was never dragged to the Otome no Road by my girlfriend, and I never had to deal with yaoi, mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha…

Oh, I never had a girlfriend…Whatever, the ‘louch is definitely loose out there in the Otaku world! Even jocks got converted into believers, just ask one of our staff members!

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