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Section 9 unsure which party to support at this point.

From The Diet 3 Daily –

August 27, 2009, somewhere under Tokyo, Japan. Chief Aramaki indicated at a certain gathering that the current Japanese politics is murky at best and the best direction for the people is not up to Section 9, or any other sections at the Public Security. However, our inside source caught a whisper.

“…Aso may not be the best…in our interest…however…Hatoyama…It is my belief that our amount funding shall not change no matter…As the people may suspect…”

Our source had to leave when Captain Kusanagi, Aramaki’s right-hand woman, looked up. Without confirming  if we were found out or not, our source left the premises immediately.

However, as much as we could get from limited information, Section 9 did not see Aso’s situation as favorable.

“One could usually see Section 9’s people around Aso, but recently…” One cabinet member who refused to be named mused: “I haven’t seen them around him.”

The outcome of the election remains to be seen. However, Aso’s Cyber-campaign had already begun…

Our crack team of Cyber-specialists as well as mind-attack analyzers have already begun analyzing the CM.

More updates to come.

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