One week stand! One week skinship!

Karaoke date, so envious…

One week friends  is really cutistically kawaii. Fujimiya-san is just kawaii. Ahh, that Japanese archetype of kawaii JK (high school girl) is very a strike zone! 

Fujimiya-san loses memory every week, yes, kind of Ef A Tale Of Memories. Every Monday, well, why Monday? So I suggest her to stay up until 12:00AM Monday, see if memory loss happens. But this is close to AMNESIA by Otomate. But instead of Hase-kun, AMNESIA is that a girl dates all different ikemen after memory loss. And they all claim that they were her sexual partners, yes skinship partners! So, AMNESIA is more like one week boyfriends.

But anyway, Fujimiya-san is really cute. A cute girl with memory loss, no guy would be hesitant to help her. Who wouldn’t not want to help her?

Karaoke date. Yes, that’s what I want! Only just two of us in a tiny karaoke box, with mirror ball illuminating in the darkness like love hotel effect, and ushishishi, with expectacion of “something” will happen! That “something” is of course an ecstatic phenomena called “skinship.” Oh yeah, skinship. And the ultimate skinship is of course, sensual communication called “secross.” Yes, one week friendship, one week skinship. And what kind of friends? Of course, sex friends. Yes, sefure! Not even boggled down to serious relationship like boyfriend/girlfriend, just casual sefure is just fine. One week sefure, or 一週間セフレ (isshuukan sefure). That would be “one week stand” instead of “one night stand.”

Yes, this Spring season, Fujimiya-san, the girl I want to have skinship the most, and from last Winter season was Onodera of nisekoi! Gyafun kawaii!

Suica/Pasmo system, Japanese high tech train station.

And she uses Suica/Pasmo to ride on train, yes electric card or even smart phone get scanned magnetically at a train station. That was the biggest surprise when I went back to Japan. So high-tech, man, so awesome, just like SciFi. Also can be used as a cash card at Famima (Family Mart) and vending machine! Ahh, high school kids these days date using Suica. Wow, with smart phone too. I so envy the youth today, especially high school kids. I so want to go back to high school and experience what I couldn’t experience during my high school years. Yes, I want to become a high school kid now!

Seductive pose. Ugh, ero-kawaii… Who can contain okki, other than gays?

But, there is no way I could become a high school kid, since high school is past. I can never go back to high school, physically impossible, only in 2D, anime or game.

And I never received any chocolate in high school on Valentine’s Day (Feb 14), so automatically I couldn’t celebrate any White Day (Mar 14), thus, only Black Day (Apr 14). And sadly, this year, another black day, eating jajamen noodle, thinking about Fujimiya-san…

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2 thoughts on “One week stand! One week skinship!

  1. I’m glad this show isn’t going the heavy melodrama route like ef: a tale of memories. It’s strange but the older I get, the less I’m into drama unless it’s well-written and believable. The characters are always blushing in this series and it’s very very sweet–almost shoujo-like even though I know it’s not.

    I wonder why Fujimiya didn’t keep a diary until he suggested it, though. She did mention offhand that there was something that didn’t work out but you’d like if she and her family are aware that she loses her memories every week, and only select ones at that, they’d encourage her to keep a record…heck, a video record would be even better! Phones can take videos now these days too!

    Ah, but I’m just nitpicking. I think this is a very relaxing and endearing show.

    1. Yes, kawaii is sweet. As Madagascar’s Merina people say “Mamy ny aina (life is sweet)” as get older, we feel life should be like that, while more responsibility, immersed in capitalism.

      Go to purikura, take video together with smartphone and upload on facebook. But that guy is soushokukei who is slow to get to the point, and carefully build relationships with girls. Moreover, Fujimiya san is extremely kawaii, and that makes him more careful and mindful. I thought diary is cute, while we’re in blog age.

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