Hanayamata, now I can survive this summer!

hanayamata-girlsWow, Hanayamata, the OP is already so cool, I fell in love at first sight!The story is like “machi-okoshi” anime, or “promoting village” anime, like Hanasaku Iroha, bonbori-matsuri got famous after that show. Yes, Yosakoi is a dancing tournament in Japan that has developed post-war, and this anime is about junior high school girls forming a dance group to join Yosakoi tournament. I usually don’t like this kind of idol master anime, but this one, I might keep watching it. So kawaii! And why do shoujo love jinja (shinto shrine)? Maybe it appears to be mysterious?

Hana-chan with new frontier spirit advocated by JFK.
Hana-chan with new frontier spirit advocated by JFK.

Hana-chan the American girl is cute. A transfer student from Princeton, NJ, yes, where Princeton University is. So, she is very educated, speaks perfect Japanese. She’s not good at kanji, but her oral communication is even better than mine. Yes, 5 girls forming a group, and this process is what this anime is all bout. This American girl is very active. Yes, new frontier spirit that JFK has lauded, yes, being assertive, keeps trying hard, and never gives up. She wants to participate yosakoi, and she tries to recruit members to form a yosakoi group. She goes through rejections after rejections, but that spirit, oh wow, that passion and determination. She totally believes in herself. Probably a little megalomaniac, but that’s typical American personality, they always think big. Not like soushokukei, we think small, or compact, because small is beautiful, that’s Japanese culture, I mean “kawaii” culture inherited from Sei-Shounagon for a thousand years. But Hana-chan is really a big dreamer. Pursuit of dream is pursuit of happiness. Yes, new frontier spirit that made people land on the moon. I think Hana-chan can surely make her dream come true. Yes, American dream in Japan!

recruitAnd she is the cutest American girl I’ve ever seen. I mean the cutest blond girl. I’ve seen so many blond girls since I moved to America, but nobody has come close to this cuteness, or kawaii. Yes, American girls are so sexy, their sexiness excels in the world, that matureness and glamourous body, but I rarely find kawaii girls here, yes and cute personality, like a fairy. This isn’t a yuri show I believe, but middle school they go to have only girls, so it’s all girls school, so yurish, or girls friendship that I adore and envy. Yup, they accept a transfer student from America, so it must be a private school, probably a mission school in Kamakura? Yes, mission-kei, or Christian school, that is totally moe, all girls school are usually mission-kei like Marimite. Their uniform resembles Maritite’s. So, that would be awesome. Oh man, Naru-chan is really kawaii too, very shy and gentle, hohoho, so otome!

Naru-chan with uwamezukai (shy upward glance), so cuuuute!

Ah, ED is also good. Both OP and ED are so kawaii. Moe-breeze in summer. Ahh, totally iyashi. Very therapeutic, femininity is therapy. As I’m a feminist, that’s what I pursue, my pursuit of happiness. I’m glad that I’ve found this anime, finally at last. I don’t know if this will be a good show, just started, but I think I can make it through this summer season. empty

Empty heart like Naru-chan, I know how she feels, I always feel empty too, my life is full of emptiness, not only my wallet is empty but also my heart too; waking up 3 o’clock in the morning, my iPhone always not on manner mode sitting next to my pillow just in case that someone calls or texts me, although no one has, that time I feel really lonely and empty, yes, saudade, need skinship, craving for warmth of a girl…, but this anime will fill my heart, so I can survive summer at last! Yay! hanayamata2

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

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