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I’m Duncan MacLeod Watanabe and I want FREEDOM!

From Sankaku Complex

Skirts High Fashion Amongst Japanese Men

…The latest fashion amongst Japan’s notoriously effete men is none other than…Staff from a Tokyo fashion shop hold forth:”…

Ray’s Take: Who would’ve though the Scots are freeing the mind of the Japanese in Shinjuku? Wait a minute, I think I saw a quickening ala highlander style back in Shinjuku in 2005 with lighting bolts shooting out and all….Now all we need is a guy wearing kilts and holding a katana! Yeah, that’s it!

“I’m Conner MacLeod Yamada of the clan Yamada. I travel across time and space and piles of bullshit to show you how to wear it. FRRRRRRREEEEEEEEDOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM!!!”

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