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B gata H kei – Yamada is MY Wifu – ore no yome

All right, I’m calling it. Yamada is my woman…Er…2D woman, that is. Although I’m faithful and have no interest in building harems in the 2D world or 3D world, I do declare that I want Yamada for myself. Damn straight. XD Of course, you’re welcome to challenge me in a cyber-mortal combat over her, but my pen is mightier than your sword and my tongue is more deadly than a viper’s, so be prepared to lose! OK, onto the reason why I like this character a lot. Don’t worry about spoilers, it really doesn’t mean much in this case. WARNING: STRONG OTAKU MALE BIAS AFTER THE CUTAWAY.

I wonder if most of us are tired of hearing how girls swoon over good looking, even bishonen types who are suave and CHARMIIIIIIING, with charm oozing out of every pore of their bodies, which may be good material for fujoshi and the bishonen-torture-love types. But frankly, for the rest of us, seeing another of these types and women fainting all over him is tiring. In the real life, my friend Chet tells me that at his workplace, if a great looking guy hits on a girl and even going just a little too aggressive, the girl usually just go “oh stop that” and without another peep. But if the guy isn’t so great looking? “Harassment!” By the way, that goes for race, too, which I encountered in college. I snicker and pity the foolish women that don’t realize a lot of these guys have looks but nothing else. Of course not all of them is like that, but for some strange unknown reason, most of them usually are. Some of them even live off their girls! Let me state it plainly: some of them live off their harem! We’re not just talking about women without self-esteem, we’re talking about sensible college graduates; some of them are maybe over 30 years old.

I’m not really sorry when I say: pathetic. But hey, as to those guys, more power to them, eh? That’s the way the world turns. Good for you.

Now, in this show, many things are exaggerated to generate a comical effect. So the male Kinjo is as glittery as the female Kinjo, and they’re both pretty outside but dark and insecure inside. That’s why the female Kinjo can’t stand losing to Yamada and the male Kinjo can’t stand not having girls swarming over him. He gets to play cool.

He sees Yamada. So Yamada will be another easy prey, right? Wrong! She’s independent, sexy, self-reliant, strong with a great sense of self-esteem. If you’re not in her kill zone, please, don’t bother thinking that you can just act like you’re close to her. She’d totally brush you off.

That’s what she did, and that’s why I cheered for her. Hey, being the underdog male, I couldn’t help but cheer for her. She didn’t even feel confused like your classic pretty girls in anime; she just snatched her hand away and practically told the guy to fuck off…Well, OK, she was like, hey don’t act like you can just get close like this. I don’t know ya.

That’s a strong feminine response for ya, folks. And that’s character. Yes, the male Kinjo is great looking and rich and a bag of golden chips, but what does Yamada care? She’s in love with a commoner.

So as a commoner, how can I not love her?

Yamada is my wifu! She’s my queen, my jo-oh-sama.

Have fun with the show and don’t take it too seriously. But enjoy Yamada’s character if you feel a good vibe about her.

P.S. Don’t forget that Tamura Yukarin (Yukarin) is the person voicing her and giving a commanding performance. Yukarin moe!

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