Site icon Anime Diet Coming on 9.21.07 to an Internet Near You

Yes, everyone, we are bidding farewell this week to the pastures of It has served us well, very well, in the half-year or so that we’ve been here, and now it’s time to move on to full independence. This site is closed to posts and comments on Friday, September 21, at 5 PM Pacific Time (8 PM Eastern), and will be open shortly thereafter. Just warning you so you can update your blogroll links accordingly.

My hope is that I can jigger the .htaccess file here on this site so that any of you with links to specific articles will automatically get redirected to the new site. (People who have done it before: is this possible? I know something about web administration but haven’t done that specifically before.) Otherwise, the transition should be relatively painless, especially for those of you who mainly read through the Antenna or Animenano.

We’re excited about going indie and we hope to see you all on the new site! In the meantime, we return to our regularly scheduled daytime downtimes and programming in the evenings. 🙂

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