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Do You Ever Talk Back to Your Anime?

Here’s an example……a bad example.

Do you ever talk to your anime? One of the things that they used to teach me in media literacy class is that an effective means to combat the passivity most TV watchers have is to talk back to the TV–to say out loud what one really thinks or feels at the moment something happens. Especially if something particularly dumb or cliched happens. It helps keep your brain active and involved, and it’s also a useful reviewer exercise.

I talked back a lot to the episodes of Kimikiss and Myself;Yourself I reviewed tonight. Normally, I do that sort of thing for only two kinds of shows: shows that are really easy to make fun of (Myself; Yourself episode 1, the suddenly ominous parts of episode 3, the really awful bathos of Saikano), and shows that are really, really funny and/or entertaining. I don’t ever do it if I’m genuinely bored. For serious drama or genuine shock, my complete silence is usually a very good sign, though silence is also sometimes a sign of boredom. I especially like shouting things out when harem cliches come along: pigtails on the tsundere, the non-related girl calling the guy “onii-chan,” the moment when it’s revealed that this is a childhood friend. The moment when the guy can’t say his true feelings. Dragonaut brings out the yaoi jokes and the Eva comparisons.

So what do you like to shout out to your TV? Have you ever played drinking games to anime? What inspires your audience participation, either by yourself or at cons and anime club showings?