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Bridging The Gap: Cross Game & The Art Of Touch

With a look of intense focus, and the control of a precision-based machine, the pitcher eyes the figure facing him from across the diamond. The eyes across send a look,  an equally piercing gaze as if the moment at hand was the potential last. Like a razor across the open field while the roaring crowd suddenly vanishes into liquid translucence. With bases loaded and two strikes, this is no longer about winning.


As another season comes to a close this last week, and the diamond is scorched with the hopes and dreams of another generation of players, I must openly admit that it’s been years since I actually watched a baseball game (live, or on the tv). Coming from a background of kids either playing soccer or baseball, it can be said that the game’s a part of my DNA whether I like it or not. And that feeling has slowly been aching back into view as this year’s Cross Game has given me flashbacks of almost feverish proportion. It seems to be something in the way that Mitsuru Adachi’s characters grab readers and viewers mutually that keeps us coming back to the ballpark. Perhaps it is in hopes of illuminating those dreams for another go-round? It’s been a rough and tumble year to be honest, and with a need to look toward more realistic heroes riding higher than ever, it’s very likely no coincidence that my marathoning of Cross Game led me into my first re-watch-a-thon of the 80s sports classic, TOUCH in well over a decade. And this time with a newbie like my roomie in tow, this along with Cross Game’s heartfelt, delicate storyline has given me some true hope for the future of the anime pastime.

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Bamboo Blade Ep 08 – Being cute is charming with or without swords.


What is it about girls with weapons that attracts men?

Last season we had Claymore, and this season we have Bamboo Blade. Now, these shows are shows that couldn’t be as far apart from each other as possible, but at least they have one thing in common – girls/women with swords.

It’s unfair to compare Bamboo Blade with Claymore because Claymore has a great plot, strong characters, desperate situations, smart strategies and emotional depth. Bamboo Blade at its best is a light hearted comedy with quirky if somewhat cliche characters, and at its worst…Well, I actually haven’t found anything bad or awful about this show yet.

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