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Our PMX Plans

Jeremy and his wife Heather, Fred, and I are all going to the Pacific Media Expo (PMX) tomorrow with press passes! Friday, however, does not look like an especially busy day, so I’m not sure how busy we will be on that day–though I will be toting the video camera to record fan interviews like I did for AX.

What’s exciting about this con is that the emerging press passes give us access to certain press conferences as well as privileged areas to take pictures during the fan panels. Personally, I am only interested in two major panels in order to ask questions:

  • Yukana (Saturday: press conference at 3:00 pm; panel at 4:30-5:30 pm)
  • Claymore‘s Takahiro Umehara and Hiroyuki Tanaka (Sunday, 2-4 pm; press conference at 5:00pm)

I’m also somewhat interested in a last-minute addition–James Kyson Lee, the actor who plans Ando-kun in NBC’s splendid show Heroes. He has a panel and autograph session too. Now, I’ve only seen the majority of season 1, and so I can’t ask terribly intelligent questions about the story, but I think he’s a great sarcastic sidekick to Hiro. Watching Hiro and Ando in that show, especially with its slapstick, sometimes reminds me of watching anime comedy. I’m rather amused and disturbed that I often understand their dialogue because I’ve watched so much anime!

So–now, here’s your last minute turn to tell us what you’re interested in. If you have questions you’d like us to try to ask Yukana and the Claymore staff, please let us know here. A lot of J-rock bands I’ve never heard of are also coming, and they are often open not just for press conferences but private interviews, along with some American voice actors (including the one I despise most, Spike Spencer, ruiner of Evangelion. :-p). If by chance we have time and I manage to slip into the panel or press conference, post some potential questions here too. Needless to say, there are no guarantees on anything–we only have a emerging (ie “Junior”) press pass this year, so we can’t automatically get exclusive interviews or even the best seats in the panels yet. But the potential is pretty good.

Thanks everyone. See you at the (small) con!

Anime Diet at Pacific Media Expo 2007!

PMX Logo

In our continuing bid toward world conquest, the US-based staff members of Anime Diet are going to this year’s Pacific Media Expo! And this time not just as nobodies, like we were for Anime Expo. No sir. This time, we have…press passes! We will have much better pictures of the Masquerade, a much better chance of asking questions of the guests of honor (which include seiyuu Yukana, and the character designer and director of Claymore–which should make Ray very happy), and other privileges. We are now too legit to quit.

PMX is a relatively newish con in LA, and probably rather small compared to the juggernaut of Anime Expo. Which means there’s a much better chance of access to pretty much everything. It’s from November 9-11, at the Hilton Hotel near LAX (the airport). We’re very excited about going as official members of the press and honored that they approved our application for the press pass. Thanks to PR manager Jinnie McManus for her prompt and efficient attention! Thanks also to Ray and Jeremy, our wonderful cobloggers and copodcasters. It was Ray’s news post that inspired Jeremy to even tell me about this con. I wouldn’t have even thought of going otherwise…let alone go for free, like we can now!

With that…see you at the con! Details to follow about our specific plans there.