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Otakon 2008 Video Diary – Saturday (Finally!)

At last, the belated Otakon 2008 video diary–starring special East Coast correspondent Sally–is online! The audio is not quite the greatest because all the footage was taken with a still camera’s video function (the only equipment we had on hand) though I have tried my best to fix it as much as possible. (Guiding subtitles have been added at times.) This mostly just consisted of interviews with cosplayers, one of our staple features, and some highlights from the Masquerade in the evening.

Saturday, unfortunately, was the only day we could get footage, so this is the whole thing. Next year, though…just wait. We’ve got big plans for our con coverage in 2009 which I will announce when it’s ready. See you then!

Anime Diet @ Otakon 2008: Yes, We’re There

Before I moved to the West Coast, I went to Otakon every year, but that ended in 2005. However, my staff and friends who are still in the East Coast have picked up the torch and are going to be covering Saturday and Sunday of Otakon 2008! There will be our trademark video interviews and plenty of cosplay pictures, as well as a few articles.

  • Saturday (today) will be handled by guest contributor Sally, who will be conducting video interviews, taking cosplay pictures, and talking about the Masquerade. She’s also cosplaying herself!
  • Sunday will be handled by our illustrious Rah’ra Clemens. He will be taking pictures and conducting written interviews (no video, alas).

That is what Anime Diet East is doing this weekend. The flag has been planted, and world domination will surely follow! Look forward to our coverage.