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Ayakashi 8 – The plot thickens but I wish this would run longer


I’m positive this is going to be a 13 (12?) episode series, which is a shame.

I’d love to see more expansions on the the myths and legends of the Ayakashi, a grander scheme, and more character developments. Unfortunately, it really looks like none of these will happen.

I’m not sure why so few people in the English blogsphere care to blog it. I suspect it’s because it’s rather average in many ways and ultimately, it doesn’t strike anyone’s chord.

I know it doesn’t strike mine. For whatever odd reason, nothing is grand here and all the conflicts seems to be rather…Dating sim small?

I’d have to say that I do like this one somewhat, but nothing here makes a deep impression on me. I mean, with the cast I really want to shout for joy, but instead, I found myself feeling that even if I don’t watch an episode, I don’t feel like I’ve missed much.

Oh well, what’s wrong with it? I don’t think there’s really anything wrong with it, but it doesn’t hit me hard enough anyway.

Mononoke 10-12: Medicine Seller’s Last Bang


In the final arc of Mononoke, the Medicine Seller involves himself in the murder of a young girl whose body is run over by a train in a metropolitan city. As the seven suspects involved in the murder find themselves in the train, in the same car, whisked away to a ghost world, the Medicine Seller pieces together the murder while the Mononoke picks off the travelers one by one.


Another fascinating story and a decidedly good one to end the series with. The period setting threw me for a bit of a loop at first. Unlike previous stories which felt firmly planted in pre-industrialized Japan, this arc featured a metropolitan city, trains, telephones, and fashionable Western clothing. While it made sense to me that this arc could have taken place in a recently industrialized Tokyo, and other stories in the more antiquated countryside, I’ve seen it suggested elsewhere that this arc implies the Medicine seller existed over several decades, if not centuries.


While I think the mannequin imagery was interesting, I couldn’t quite understand its purpose. Initially I thought it was simply an interesting way to highlight the main characters in crowd scenes. However, in the final episode there were several scenes where a main character would phase in and out of being a mannequin. Perhaps that was a way to show they were not entirely important to that flashback?


This was the final episode of Mononoke, and while the Medicine Seller’s pronouncement at the end left the series vaguely open to a continuation, the fact that Mononoke is a spin-off from the Ayakashi series leaves me hopeful that more will be coming.