Umimonogatari 09+10- Tried (tired) and true formula

As Ulin turns into Mistress 9 and Marin struggles and finally gets her power back, the world or at least the sea is swallowed in near-apocalypse red. People turn into whiny adolescents and treat each other like crap.

Sounds familiar? If you love Sailor Moon you will love this!

I mean, with everyone in the sea, even Marin’s pals, turning into red-eyed minions of the “Dark Miko”, the girls struggle to restore love (sans the justice) and emotions (a little spice possibly borrowed from the post-Eva era) to the world.

Just get Vash to shoot the bitch while screaming, love and peace! I mean shit, Sedona is not really a human female anyways.

This show has been a charming look at Okinawa and little bit of Japanese forklore down south.

BTW, I didn’t know they had land flowers in the sea!

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