Alien Jones…Just watch the commercial!

From ANN

Tommy Lee Jones Discovers Akihabara, Maid Cafes, Moe 

American actor Tommy Lee Jones (The Fugitive, Men in Black, No Country for Old Men) discovers cosplayers, moe, and maid cafes in Tokyo’s otaku shopping district of Akihabara. (The Suntory site’s videos require Microsoft Windows Media Player.) The commercial is the latest in a series designed to promote Suntory’s Boss brand of canned coffee. Since April of 2006, Jones has been playing “Alien Jones,” an extraterrestrial character who has taken on the human form to conduct an undercover survey of Earth.

The link for the Ad is here.

Ray’s take: hahahahahahaahahha! He’s freaking stoic and the girl is like so animated. Just watch the ad and laugh. Boy, we need more hapless American actors star in these Japanese commercials. I’m sure he was like: “um, OK…You’re just weird…”

Here comes the men in black in Akiba.

“I didn’t kill my Japanese maid!”

“I don’t care!”

An one-armed man in Akiba sounds like a villain from an anime.

6 thoughts on “Alien Jones…Just watch the commercial!”

  1. It’s precisely he wasn’t very expressive in this clip that it was funny as hell. His face looked like a pure expression of “What the hell?” in stoic terms.

  2. Anyone remember Bill Murray’s character in Lost in Translation when he has to do an ad for some brand of whiskey or another? Those priceless looks of bemusement from Tommy Lee Jones reminded me a lot of that. Great stuff.

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