Abe Shinzo, no Aso Taro, ikkimasu!

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LDP Candidate Tarō Asō Gives Speech in Akihabara

Asō, a self-proclaimed manga fan and vocal supporter of Japan’s manga and anime industries, came to Japan’s “otaku” capital on Sunday evening to deliver a speech to his supporters. “If you try to assert your personal character in Nagata-chō [home of the Japanese Diet/government complex], people make fun of you,” said . “In Akihabara, it makes you popular.” According to observers, approximately 1,000 young people showed up to support Asō at the late rally, which took place in front of JR Akihabara Station around 7 P.M.

Ray’s take: well, judging by the “huge” turn out I can imagine just how much people in Akiba cared about politics. Yes indeed. I mean, who would rather shop for doujinshi, bishojo games and figures and not watch some old guy talking about any reform idea he may have gotten while watching Shinku kicks Jun’s ass “Rozen Maiden”? Then again, being a nationalist, I wonder if he just wants to dress all Japanese women in Aoi style kimono and maybe Imperial goth-loli army-style on weekends? Oh I know, he’ll sponsor a Mecha Musume Cafe for the Imperial Troops!!! Banzai to right-wing Otakuism! XD

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