Petition for Claymore Season 2!

I got this petition link from thiago_pagogna on MAL. He found my Claymore review (the second one on the page) and told me about the petition. From what I can understand, this is a non-profit Japanese site that offers people to sign petitions for something and to donate to causes if one so wish.

Anyway, it’s a peition for making a second season of Claymore. KURORO, a dedicated fan, is asking for our help. From what I can understand of Japanese language, it says that the goal is 10,000 votes by 03/31/2010 (March 31 2010). The final resuit is 12,707 signatures.

Thank you, thiago and everyone who signed it. You are all true winners and your names will be remembered

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134 thoughts on “Petition for Claymore Season 2!

  1. i believe there is going to be a second season i just read a quot from the director saying he didn’t like the end and he was trying for season 2………….huuuuuuuurrrrrrraaaaaaaa

  2. I am in love with claymore and have watched season 1 more than 10x, I feel so depressed knowing I finished, please continue to make more so many people need it.

  3. Claymore is probably one of favorite animes of all time when i broke my arm during practice this show got me thru it all. Drama, Love, Fights it amazing and u truly do need to make another season you will inevitably lose most of your support if you tell us one thing than go back and do another.

  4. I love Claymore I just watch the entire season last night/ morning overall loved it want another season but could you make it where Rocky is not so much of a cry baby and have him grow up a bit?

    1. it would be better if he was a claymore so that he can actually help out clare

  5. I’m not to much into animes but after watching Claymore for the first time about a week ago, I felt so empty afterwards because there were no more episodes to watch. I really wish they would make more episodes for it. I have been going crazy looking on sites and forums for someone hopefully to mention there are more episodes that just haven’t been released on the main stream internet. I just really hope somehow, someway more eps could be made for this great anime.

  6. there better b a second season with the way the first season ended…………..i didnt watch it til last yr on netflix but i really liked it and have been hoping for more

  7. Great Jerome Davis! We mustn’t forget about this petition and lets spam it everywhere is possible to gain more and more signatures!

  8. So erm ..: This is pretty pretty late but is there any word about Season 2? WhyYouNoKnow!?!?!?

  9. I just hope they would just stop producing anime that has no proper ending or rather no continuation at all. Im still hopeful though they would still make claymore season 2 and to other great anime that ends all of a sudden

  10. I am so confused as to why a second season was not even announced being that the petition reached its goal. We are in 2014 already.

    1. I am confused just as you are. I am still waiting for season 2 and it’ s already 2 or 3 years now when I first wached Claymore. Anime was so good that I can’t just forget about it! I would be glad to hear any news about Claymore anime. Such a good anime ;(

  11. I truly enjoyed watching the anime claymore… And I’m still hoping that there will be a season 2 this year. I hope the author will realize that there is a lot of animeholic loves to see season 2 of claymore. Hope all the fans of claymore will continue to support to have the season 2!!!! I really loved this anime……. I can’t wait to watch the season 2!!!!

  12. I’m desperately love CLAYMORE, that’s why after watching the season ! over and over again I read the continuation on manga online. PLEASE!!! Make it possible to release the season 2.

  13. huh they should keep stories going– season 2 of claymore– continue D Gray Man Vampire Hunter D making a 3 and 4th movie and a tv series could be good Maby a new Yu Yu Hakashu 2nd series

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