Holy Shit! British Chocolates are taking over Japan!

From ANN

UK’s Bootleg Novel Animated for Mobile Phones in Japan

…the misadventures of two English boys who run a bootleg chocolate factory after their country bans chocolate. Appropriately enough, the latest anime update was announced on Valentine’s Day…

Ray’s take: My God! The Empire is on the strike again! This time trying to take over Asia with a novel about chocolate! Take some notes, the French! Because Chocolat isn’t going to take over any country.

I hope everyone who reads this web site got something on Valentine’s Day, but if you didn’t, remember that life is too short to worry about that.

2 thoughts on “Holy Shit! British Chocolates are taking over Japan!”

  1. If only Code Geass chronicled the rebellion of a Japanese chocolate corporation against the confectionary domination of Britannia, led by the charismatic and mysterious masked chocolatier, Zero.

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