Cosplay pictures from Comiket 77!

You know Comiket is the holiest event for Otaku, right? Well, thanks to こなちゃん, our most loyal Japanese reader, we have fresh and exclusive pictures of 3 beautiful and hard working cosplayers from the event! Check them out!

First, his awesome comment in the best English he could manage:

A beautiful woman!
Cosplay’s tips・・
“cosplay”! That reminds me.
Comic Marcket have been held in my country!(
28~30/12 I’m sorry it’s Japan time.)
Today is the end of Comic Marcket 77
in my country in 2009. (The time that I’m writing in this is 30/12 1:07 at darkness)
Cosplay’s graphics are open in various sites.

Second, if you can read 2-chan well, it’s now updating in real time. Unfortunately, our Japanese correspondent in CA is probably asleep…

[2ch]2ちゃんねる real time

OK, now the links to the pics!


Finally, こなちゃん, thank you very much and we really appreciate your experience at Comiket and your links! どうも ありがとございました。

UPDATE: Mainichi’s Comiket 77 pics, alerted by Deb Aoki, on Zone Otaku, Day 3 Pics on Moe Passion

14 thoughts on “Cosplay pictures from Comiket 77!

  1. 「新着レスの表示」when  click,
    a new response can be seen.
    They are in spot.

  2. They seem to be having lunch.
    Some people having a rest in MacDonald?
    Toho[東方] many many fans.
    They are often tired by a long line of people.

  3. @ Sir こなちゃん…

    Is there like a translation for your name to a more… readable one? lol Sorry, was just thinking. I live in Japan, but I am here in PI for the holidays. I was planning on going to Comiket but yeah, family comes first. Was hoping Chamaro-chan was there… Did she participated? Thanks in advance ^^

  4. Mr.@Miku-chan (初音ミクちゃん!)
    You are correct!!!.
    “こなちゃん is Izumi Konata (Lucky☆Star Character Kona chan)
    Chamaro-chan ? I’m sorry.
    I have not heared this word.
    Comiket77 was ended today(in japan time 30/12 23:42).
    Probably Your family are coming back to your country.?

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