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I'm a hardcore Anime Fan and I'm proud of it. I know so many things and I've acquired so much knowledge you wouldn't believe. But my love is anime. I've been drifting in this world for so long that I don't even know what an anchor means. I've seen so many shows that I've lost count. The only thing I'm sure of myself is that I care for the lowly and disenfranchised. I hate the rich and powerful and I love what I do, or what I can do. I like anime and I don't mind watching different types of shows. I have experience in different types of Japanese animation. I would be called an "expert" in a bizzaro world. One day, I'd like to start a revolution. I love the US, pizza, beer, sashimi, Chinese food, and steak. But I love freshly baked bread more than a well-aged steak. In reality, if I were born Japanese I'd be a real, hardcore Otaku. I love to love and I can hate strongly. I'm passionate in nature and I don't mind shedding tears. I can be reached at rayyhum777 at animediet. My Twitter is rayyhum777 at twitter.

Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora 7

Since it’s Chinese New Year (or maybe it should be changed to Taiwanese New Year…sorry, local politics), and I’ve got some time, I’ll do the episode description of Kyoshiro eps. 7. Please consider that the spoiler alert will be in effect when you start reading the paragraph below.

Previously, on Kyshiro (eps 6), Kuu is once again kidnapped by Chikane the Miko of the Moon… I meant Kaon with the Murakame sword.
This time she is brought before Ayanokoji Mika,

who’s the older sister of Kyoshiro. Then a “shocking” secret is revealed that Kuu is (dum roll please…) an absolute Angel!

Ka-tang! So Kyoshiro will have to destroy her, too? As we were pondering on this, Kyoshiro comes with Setuna and attempts to save Kuu, of course he doesn’t come right away, but he sent Setuna (poor girl can’t help herself but wanting to be used by him) to trick Batras to follow her, and so with Batra’s unwillingly help, they save Kuu. We also learn of an important thing about Kyoshiro’s “perfect” older brother – that he may have been just as bad as Mika and others. Anyway, on with the eps 7 details:
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Moe, mOe, moE?

Hirano Aya

Well, well, well. What is moe? Well, it’s hard to define. It’s one of these things that if a person knows, he knows. Okay, okay, I’ve practically said nothing up to now. But to try to clear up it a little bit, I’ll say something about it, and show some pics.

First, it’s not like anybody doesn’t know that “moe” means burning in one sense, and “growing” in another sense. You will know when you watch enough anime and is qualified to join “Genshiken.” (If you spoke great Japanese and can disguise yourself as a Japanese).

Second, Hirano Aya is moe. Nonaka Ai is moe, Saito Chiwa as Hazuki in Moon Phrase is moe, Kugimiya Rie as Louise the Zero is moe, and Nonaka Aoi in Binchotan is moe (hardcore moe fans can appreciate that…), oh and ichigo mashimaro is moe…Still don’t understand?

Well, to explain more about moe…it’s cute and innocent. Small and cute. It’s not supermodel-like, it is girls who lashes at you but their lashings are so cute. It’s tsundere that seems like who can’t talk with a mature voice. It’s Hirano Aya when she speaks normally, it’s Kawasumi Ayako when she gently snorts a “baka”, it’s Tanaka Rie coos “chi~”, it’s Multi from “To Heart.” It’s the “fab 4” in Ichigo Mashimaro; it’s Binchotan, it’s not Sailor Moon, it’s not Misato and Dr. Akagi from Eva, it’s definitely NOT Motoko from Ghost in the Shell or Revy from Black Lagoon. Oh, and it’s like Mikuru from Haruhi…

Hmm…Next are some pictures that may clear up the matter even further…
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My version of the Perfect anime

It just so happens that the anime god said that since very few people actually leaves comments on this website(since my comments probably turn people off), I can say whatever I want! Hence, if I haven’t said this already, I’m gonna talk about my perfect anime. As if this topic hasn’t been done to death already.

Anyways, I would love to…

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Code GEass and the Freedom Pizza

So it began that one day out of my extreme boredom of not able to live under the shadow of the good ol’ red white ‘n’ blue, I decided that I had sudden craving of some America’s finest, most original cuisine – freedom food! Since the McDonald’s in Taiwan don’t serve real hamburgers (you know that those folks eat pigs EVERY meal) and freedome fries (didn’t these potatoe sticks come from Belgium?), and the pizza here is doused with mayo, sprinkled-plenty with corn and bak choy. I felt like some freedom food! Now, my favorite freedom food is of course, fries, but is just so happened that I craved the other freedom foods, and I wanted some pizza. Before I bothered order anything, I downloaded a certain anime from the Land of the Octopus pizza and fresh fish McNuggets. How the hell did I get there? Who cares? There on my screen, I saw an utopia where the Great Empire of America has conquered and perhaps Christianized the entire Terra (that’s my one true, dear wish, that American Empire can actually Christianize the whole planet and make my stay anywhere on this crappy planet super-freakin’ convenient)! I was jubilant!
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Shouri anime

Wait, what the f did I say? "Shouri" anime? What's a shouri? Did the Otaku Federation or more affectionately in some circles known as the NHK, and in the other circles/camps known as Genshiken coin this term? Or did Some overlords (Ahem The Third ahem) of this planet decided on that term? Did some secret Organization based in France (read: Le Soldat) planned this? Or is it just another marketing scheme by the horny and money grabby greedy directors at a studio by the name of Gainax (with the New Century Evangelion Scam)'? All right, all right, I'm over doing it…
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D. Gray Man – a show shouldn’t be missed

The Thousand Year Baron.bmp

Men in Catholic/military style hoods holding up a banner not for joy, but a sense of gloom and darkness that is set in a roughly 18 or 19 century European world with the deep and grim voice of the commentator in the background. That’s how D-Gray Man begin.

The main character, Alan Walker is a young man with a strange hand – no, nothing like Midori no Hibi. It’s nothing like that show at all. Alan Walker is an exorcist – no, nothing like that priest in the classic horror film Exorcist with useless piece of wooden cross and a probably fake bible (correct me if you care to). This exorcist’s hand transforms into an ultimate weapon against AKUMA – yes that term means devil in Japanese language, but in this case it’s a weapon made by the Thousand Year Baron to tempt the humanity and to destroy the world. Alan’s hand is only one part of the Innocence – a material left by God with great powers.
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Since Mike did his list…

I’ll do mine, simply because I’m bored as hell and I don’t feel like translating all these shitey documents I got right now.
My kick ass show of 2006: Black Lagoon.
My comment: Duh. Yeah. Revy.
My suck ass show of 2006: Ergo Proxy
My comment: stupid flashback, stupid philosophy that doesn’t work, stupid silent story that bores me to death.
My laughed my ass off show of 2006: a tie between school rumble and Azumanga Daioh (I don’t give a shite that season one of school rumble and the whole Azumanga Daioh wasn’t made in 2006, or I could be wrong but again, I don’t give a shite)
My fanboy cheesy school girl show of 2006: High School girls/Girls High.
My comment: Nabatame Hitomi-chan, Shimizu Ai-chan, Noto Mamiko-chan, and lots of girlish things that a guy wants to know about. Quote the show’s self intro screen: “girlish comics for boys and girls.” And a little cheesy but fun comedy doesn’t hurt.
My MOE show of the year: gee, would that be BInchotan?
My comment: if you don’t know it, then you don’t know MOE. Don’t argue with me, dammit!
My feel good but if you didn’t finish it so what show of the year: AA! Megami Sama TV2
My comment: watch it if you love Kikuko-sanma, or if you think this sort of romantic (maybe)comedy isn’t outdated and is fun, oh and if you love the manga so much ( I have every volume and I didn’t bother finish this show).
My surprisingly good show unless you’ve already seen the manga and know that show of the year: D. Grayman.
My comment: better and not cheesy like Chrno Crusade. And if you like the show, keep watching!
My “why the f$#$^$#%$ didn’t you watch it” show is another tie: I’ll go with Gintama and Welcome to NHK. (Well, why the f^@*&#$% didn’t you watch more of it, Ray you moron?)
My comment: for Gintama one laughs his ass off one second and become shonenly touched the next. And yes, I just invented that word. For NHK…well I didn’t watch enough, so yes, I’m a moron.
My “freaky medical show of the year” goes to Ray the animation.
My comment:yeah, good plot but freaky cases.
My “gee, that’s a cheesy way to play a pun on a song and I didn’t even watch this anime!” is: sin in the rain.
My comment: I’m sinning in the rain, I’m SINNING in the rain! $#%$^#$^and I’m happy again!
My favorite yuri(girl love girl) show with shojo-ai flooding throughout the show:strawberry panic.
My comment, Shimizu Ai-chan and Nakahara Mai-chan actually do kiss in the first half ending video! It’s that they just didn’t show it in the show!!! MOE!!! Oh, and I love Nabatame Hitomi-Nakahara Mai pairing…I mean Shizuma and Nagisa pairing.
My “um, I just lost interest because it just got boring” show is Witchblade.
My comment: it just got bland on me.

Finally, my “wow!” show of the year: HARUHI!
with my most MOE seiyuu of the year: Hirano Aya-chan! Her real life voice and looks are just so freakin’ cute that I’d scream MOE all day if she were to stand in of me!

NOTE: the above comment doesn’t represent this station’s opinion. He’s just nuts and probably drunk and trying too hard to be funny…oh, you actually read this far? Otsukaresanma desu=you must be tired!

The Third – Aoi no hitomi no shojo


Now what the freaking hell is that? It’s a nicely written show that’s based on a novel. Shows based on that usually comes with great plots. Think Crest/Banner of the Stars, which they got Ayako to play Lafiel. For the The Third, it’s Toyoguchi Megumi, who also played Revi in Black Lagoon. But that’s not the reason why I bothered watching it.

Desert Scene.bmp

It’s got an average beginning – a planet’s civilization (the planet is just Earth, I mean come on it just look so much like it) is destroyed because of a great war. Then a group of people called the third, because they have a third eye on the middle of their forehead comes and rules the whole planet. They instituted a law called the “Technos Taboo”, which says that regular humans cannot use or manufacture technology that’s superior than what the “Third” allow.

Thirds city.bmp

That’s the background. I’d say it’s not even as deep as the original Gundam’s background. What makes the show interesting is that there’s so much going on behind the foreground story and the rather obvious mysteries are interesting enough to keep me interested. For example, why the technos taboo? How did the Third take over? What’s with Honoka anyway – oh, she’s the main character who does just about every kind of job except killing somebody. The voice actress’s voice is not my favorite, but she does a great job portraying Honoka. I do have to say though that now I think about it, comparing the story with Scrapped Princess, Crest/Banner of the Stars, and other shows, the only advantage of this show is the same as these other shows, that the plot is tight without me losing interest. One does have to go through at least 5 eps in order to be interested in it. Other than that, it’s a decent watch so far and keeps me interested because the story isn’t going all over the place and there isn’t any psycho bubble and Toyoguchi Megumi and Tanaka Rie sanma is good enough to keep me watching it. It is true that I would watch any show with Tanaka Rie sanma in it.
But anyway, it’s intriguing enough to keep me interested. The characters are interesting enough and the plot isn’t boring. So give it a shot if you want.


Gee, there’s dubbing, and there’s hell. For me that is. Only the American Duo Maxwell did a great job, because the character was supposed to be American to begin with! Sheesh, other than that, dubs are atrocious.
You don’t think so? Well, which American voice overs for Japanese animes (for ghibli works don’t count – Disney gets these big time actors for that) took at least 4 years of voice training for voice over? Name one, tell a name to a foolish and knowledgeless person like me (who also can’t spell, but hey, I’m Asian!) And listening to something that just isn’t authentic makes me wanna puke my guts out.
I guess it’s true that these American voice over (I wonder what the voice overs in other countries sound like) tried hard. But they just sound so flat and no feelings. There’s a reason that the Japanese anime characters come alive – the seiyuus made them sound alive. If the seiyuus were dead, and novices (unfortunately, they use them too many times these days) are all of the sudden used, we may get some really enthusiastic people (think that lock out season for football – oh wait) voicing hard. But I’d shoot myself in the head before finishing listening. Art is attached to the culture, and blasting it with different voice is just atrocious. I hate Robotech and love Macross. So flame me, shoot me all you want. I welcome it.
Oddly enough, I’m all for the Americanization of the entire world. That would make my life easier everywhere. So sue me.

Black Lagoon blows me away

When I first watched the show I was only impressed with the fact that there’s a main girl with two large guns IN HER HANDS, a probable high body count, and just about everyone in the Lagoon Co. is bad ass of some sort, except Roc, who’s sort of a wuz.
As time went on, I realized that I was wrong about a few things.
1. The body count in Black Lagoon isn’t as high as I thought it would be. Noir had a high body count.
2. Black Lagoon had great character developments. I mean, I thought bad ass villains are usually just that, bad ass villains. And even if there any reasons, they are usually pretty lame.
Not so with Revy. It wasn’t like her story was a weepy story that made anyone sympathize with her. Her story simply showed what could happen when bad/evil things happen to normal slum people.
3. There may be some touching redeeming points in the show. Again, not so. The world that Roc, the real protagonist is in, is evil without any redeeming possibilities, and we really see that at the end of eps 24. Of course, people smarter than I probably already guessed that, but I never did guess it.
Roc is probably the only person in this show that shed some good light to everyone around him. But his light is dim and weak.
Anyway, for an overall package of great action, plot, character without any cheesy touching emotional moments, give this one a shot.
Oh yeah, and Revy has a deep side that isn’t cheesy or crappily made up at all. A real pleasant surprise.