Odex, FUNimation, and Media Factory have requested Section 9 for the crack down…

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From The Diet 3  Daily –

Oct. 1st, Tokyo, Japan.  Our sources have indicated that 3 of the biggest animation conglomerates have somehow contacted the right people in the National Security Department and shockingly, they have somehow reached Aramaki, the section chief of Section 9, in order to help them to crack down on raw uploaders in Tokyo.

As incredible and improbable as this is, it seems like somehow the National Security Section 9 has been monitoring the progress of fansubs for the past 10 years and our sources indicated that they’re not quite pleased with the way Section 9 has been portrayed.

“We’re merely a search and rescue organization.” Said Major Kusanragi Motoko. “It really bothers us when people out there think we somehow secretly arrest raw uploaders, interrogate them, and even put them in jails without proper trials. It’s very troubling indeed.”

It has been rumored that the government has been secretly keeping tabs on raw uploaders in Tokyo and other big cities. Also, recently the government has been tightening up their censoring and cracking down of illegal anime and manga related activities, including selling doujinshi outside Comiket and other conventions.

Our agency has received an instant message with a video attached. The message simply stated that: “Right Wing imperialism similar to Meiji Restoration is on the rise again. The electing of Fukuda instead of Aso is a ruse simply to lower the guards of Japan’s neighbors including China and Korea, and the United States of America.

“Japan is planning another world take over, not by military force or economic power, but something even more dark and highly sinister…”

The rather puzzling video displays footages of a young Japanese man wearing a high school uniform with glasses and surrounded by women of different races and hair colors, wearing different culturally specific outfits, including a US colonial-style blouse, a German beer maid outfit, and a Chinese Dress, walking on a non-descriptive Japanese high school campus with falling Cherry Blossom flower petals in the background.

“It’s the women! Our women…No…!”

The  message ended abruptly there.

Our agency is still trying to determine the meaning of this message and the attached video. But what is certain is that the (Imperial) Japanese  government is on the move, with American and Japanese corporate cooperation.

Of course, we are not ruling out the possibility that this could be a prank by the cosplayers in the States.


Reporter Shinsen  Kumi also contributed to the story

Naruto Shippuden 29 Getting Back To Where We Started

After being drawn in to the story of a prankster Hokage wanna-be turned bona-fide ninja with the help of his (ahem) inner strength, there came a time there-after that the show just made me stop caring. Actually, it was after attempting to watch Episode 161 to be precise.

Naruto Episode 131 Stink

After that, I just stopped watching it all together. I had my fill of the filler arc. When Naruto Shippuden came out in February of this year, I was hopeful but not completely certain that they could revived it from the dregs of lost causes. The first episode was promising with the opening sequence, however, the story soon dragged itself into a much slower pacing (which some might argue has been a problem with this series all along). It is only after they veered away from the rather boring Bell Test in episode 3, that things started to pick up with a fight between Gaara and Deidara.

Deidara and Gaara

Afterwards, the show moved to a more even balance of story and action. From Kankuro’s battle with the obviously superior puppet master Sasori to Team Kakashi’s pursuit of (and ultimately battle with) the two fleeing Akatsuki members it had become again fairly engaging. Except for perhaps, Team Gai’s overly repetitive battle with the clones that never end…
Shippuden Progression

As good as it had been getting, none of these previous episodes had moved me in the way I was moved when I first fell in love with the series. This all changed in the 1 hour special that starts in episodes 29. Finally, we get to not only see Kakashi’s new sharingan eye in action, but a also a resurgence of the Naruto’s fox cloak.

fox cloak sharingan2

Overall all however, I suppose it was that slow build up to the emotional climax of that finally won me back over to Naruto again. As a teary-eyed Naruto stands over the body of Gaara and gives an emotional speech about weight that a Jinchuuriki (one possessed by a powerful tailed beast) carries through life, I couldn’t help but feel once again emotionally attached to this show. In fact I couldn’t help but think I must have gotten some salt in my eyes from the popcorn I was eating as they were for some reason quite dewy…

Naruto Crying

It has been a long road home with a hellish path though a nearly two year filler arc, but Naruto may finally have arrived back where it started and back where it belongs. To bad we have to wait till the middle of October to see what happens next…

Let’s hope the fun doesn’t stop here.

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From ICv2 News  (boy it’s been a long time since I found anything interesting there) –

FUNimation’s ‘One Piece’ Debuts on Toonami 

…FUNimation’s One Piece episodes airing on the Cartoon Network will be censored — Sanji won’t have a cigarette in his mouth (in fact, unlike the 4Kids version in which he was sucking on a lollipop, he won’t have anything), but at least in the FUNimation/Cartoon Network version the characters will have real guns rather than pop guns and squirt guns as they did in the lamentable 4Kids version — and fans will have access to uncut, uncensored episodes on DVD…

Ray’s take: I guess cigarettes would give the American Yaoi fans too much to drool about…But I thought lolipop used to signify sucking on it…Censoring out cigarettes (snicker), well, I hate smoking so I guess that’s a good thing. But it isn’t like the tobacco companies don’t bother targeting kids at all. Trust me, kids know exactly what he was sucking on. At least FUNimation is smart enough to realize that kids already know that these guys were shooting people with guns. Geez, isn’t that the reality these days or are we back in the ’50s where even married couples slept in different beds on 50’s American TV?

A Tezuka relic discovered…

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From ANN news

Incomplete Tezuka Black Jack Manuscript Discovered

Mainichi Shimbun reports that an incomplete manuscript of Osamu Tezuka’s Black Jack manga was discovered recently. It will be put on exhibit October 30, 2007 at the Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum in Takarazuka, Japan.

Ray’s take: The Otaku treasure hunters were too late and the prize was snatched! Quick Lina, shot a dragonslave up the curator’s ass and take the script from him! (I’m bored.)

Geneon’s loss affects its parent company.

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From Anime Corporation News

Dentsu Posts $44 Million Loss on Geneon USA

Advertising corporation Dentsu Inc., the owners of Geneon Entertainment, have posted an estimated 4.7 billion yen (US$41 million) consolidated and a 5.1 billion yen (US$44 million) non-consolidated loss for its current fiscal year. The losses reflect the sudden downsizing of Geneon Entertainment USA.

Ray’s take: Not much to say here except the ripple of the downfall of Geneon USA is affecting its Japanese parent back home. Not a good sign for the shareholders, I guess…

Contest #1: Send Us Your Best “School Days” Demotivational Poster!

Here’s an example.

Starting today, we’re kicking off a monthly contest feature here at Anime Diet! We want to see your talents and your humor, dear readers. And to entice you, we’ve got a whole slew of different small prizes we can give out, and we’re in the process of building more of our prize pool. This one is simple: using only an unmodified screencap from any episode of School Days, create a “Demotivational Poster” with a witty title and caption. You can use the Despair, Inc.’s poster generator here to do it. Send your entry to contests@animediet.net, or post a link to your entry in the comments section, for a chance to win a full-resolution DVD version of the Anime Diet Anime Expo 2007 video diary!

The deadline for submission is the same worldwide, and since I’m an egotistical self-centered American, it’s timed to be most convenient for me! It’s one week from now, basically.

  • Saturday, Oct 6, 9:30 PM Pacific Standard Time
  • Sunday, Oct 7, 9:30 AM Taiwan/Singapore Time
  • Sunday, Oct 7, 04:30 GMT (sorry UK readers; consider it due on Saturday night for you!)

Detailed Rules:

  • Send entries by email to contests@animediet.net, or post a link to the pic in the comments section of this post.
  • One entry per person, please.
  • Please keep the entry at “R” rated standard. We reserve the right to disqualify entries for being overly offensive. (Yes, we know, given this show…but still.)
  • The screencap should be unmodified (ie, no Photoshopping or adding or splicing).
  • The DVD will be mailed to the winner. Any location is fine; we will cover the cost.
  • We are looking for funny. The winner will be the one that makes us laugh the hardest.

With that…demotivate us away! We look forward to seeing your entries.

Post-Claymore Ending Traumatic Stress Anxiety

Hi all, and pardon my anxiety filled face.

I’ve been dreading this beginning a few weeks back, but when it finally became reality I still couldn’t deal with it at all. I’ve been hugging my knees and eating bucketful of soda power added lard drenched in Yebisu beer with sides of fried chicken skins and a few kilos worth of Krispy Kream Donut fillings, but nothing seems to work.

I’m currently in rehab dealing with Post-Claymore Ending Traumatic Stress Anxiety.

One thing I have recognized is that one major factor contributing to our site’s success depends on we blogging about massively popular shows or shows that get people talking about. While none of us blogs about Naruto or Bleach, which lasts for thousands of episodes, with millions and millions of Rock fans (fine, I know that’s a quite old reference to WWF but that’s as far as I followed WWF), I blogged about Claymore and Mike blogged about School Days.

On certain posts (read: 2 posts), we each got a few hundred hits per post (I can hear the big boys like THAT and Random thunderously loud snickering when I said: few hundred hits), and each of us felt mighty good about the site overall, dousing each other with gatorade and champaign while trying unsuccessfully to jump and run into each other “in a pile of players” as if we had won the World Series or World Cup. I’ll tell ya, trying to lift up the hero of the game with one group of big and strong athletes is easy, but trying to lift up Mike by myself is incredibly hard and we both are due for some serious weight loss. Bear in mind all that took place in cyberspace or in our imaginations.

Now Claymore is over, I’m worrying about two things: 1. People who came and read and left comments may not come back to our site if the Fall season doesn’t have shows with female supermodel warriors punishing yoma with love and justice…I mean with loyalty and friendship, while slicing and dicing uncircumcised yoma for a sausage and baloney breakfast…I mean fighting for the good of the world. No more in the name of the Claymores, I’ll punish you…I mean working for the organization for a profit. No more “I’m following you around because I’ve fallen in love with you and I want to stalk you”…I mean “I owe you a life debt.” No more supermodels demonstrating the latest accessories in warrior women fashion…I mean no more demon hunting. 2. We won’t have that many visiters.

Granted, we do this for free so we’re not supposed to care if 1 folk visits or if 1000 folks visits in a day, but because I’m man and full of pride, and I have been seduced by the power of the ring, and it has become my downfall…(Sorry if I have already completely lost you few cyber seconds ago)

It’s difficult to give up the power of spreading personalized and biased-as-hell ideas and opinions, and absolutely guaranteed 100% pure and unadulterated truth all over the cyberdomains.


Ray Hu is currently rehabilitating in a certain famous recovery center in LA.

Mike is building his own ark in his backyard.

Fred has taken over the duty of taking over the world.

Jeremy is working on releasing his solo album.

Our future is bleak indeed.

Potemayo special 1 – size doesn’t matter.

Because it doesn’t make Potemayo less funny, in fact, it totally knocked me over onto the floor and laughing pissing my pants.

Well, at least she’s soft and warm, and maybe Sunao can “draw it out”, just like what’s implied abou Yasumi when he needs to get it out (or get off!).

We see a huge Potemayo; we see a huge Potemayo accidentally eats Sunao’s head; we see that Potemayo is a wholesome show that people of all age can enjoy.

Sunao sees his dead grandpa and discovers the truth about the universe.

Many said that life and other stuff flash before one’s eyes while he or she encounters death.

Don’t forget about the revolving lanterns…Death can be strangely near without Guchiko around.

What can I say? There’s just something funny about Potemayo…

Maybe it’s the comic timing, maybe it’s the sexual innuendos that runs rampant throughout the show, maybe it’s because at the end of the day, most of us who watch the show and love it actually secretly wish to have a little critter like Potemayo around, and go through life watch Guchiko and Potemayo fight using scythe and psudo-Karate kid style Kung Fu, and later, everyone’s happy, recovered, and laughing.

Simple laughs triggered by little critters (moe tribbles) are the best medicine to a complex and ever changing life with your (or my) share of assholes running around trying to ruin it all.

This special is 99% recommended for your daily anime diet, and a great buy – the entire series, that is. Now only if I can find the DVD release here in this country…).

This month’s featured Female Seiyuu – Kuwashima Houko

One interesting seiyuu that’s often known to be sarcastic and harsh in real life, much like the characters “Kyun(from Haruhi)” or “Kagame (from Lucky Star)” is Kuwashima Houko.

Here’s a little Bio of her (from Wiki):

(桑島 法子, Kuwashima Hōko?) is a seiyū and singer born December 12, 1975 in Kanegasaki, Isawa, Iwate Prefecture, Japan. Her blood type is A. She is 158 cm tall and weighs 45 kg. Her three sizes are ??-??-??. Her shoe size is 23.5 cm.She is capable of playing a variety of roles, ranging from young boys to feminine women. Kuwashima is currently affiliated with Aoni Production. Her given name, Houko (法子, Hōko?), is sometimes misread as Noriko, even in Japan. This may be due to the fact that Noriko is another way of pronouncing 法子, as seen in the name of Noriko Sakai, a famous Japanese actress.

Her debut was Martian Successor Nadeshico, where she played the lead female character. Misumaru Yurka. That’s where I first heard of her voice. I remember marveling at the slightly bitchy but really cute and clueless voice she used. The show was funny as hell, and I really liked it when Yurika kept following Akito the male lead, and Houko-chan kept on going, “Ne, Akito…Ne Akito…Ne Akito…” But I was surprised at her smarts in dealing with enemy groups. Her funny English was one of the classic Japenglish moments in anime history.

I don’t remember her roles immediately after that. But after sometime, I heard of her voice in Noir, and I fell in love again. She was quiet, not completely certain with a hint of innocence and a hint of fearlessness of death.

Her most used voice (not in Noir but in a lot of her other works) is kind of high, kind of spoiled, not exactly kind, but cute and and adorable to me.

I don’t like her singing works, however. I feel like her bitchiness was too obvious in her first work, in which she tried to act as if seiyuu singing works are high art – they’re not. Like it or not, the job of seiyuus are to make the fans happy.

I think her meaty roles are when she played Fllay Alster and First Officer and later Captain Natarle Badgiruel. In the latter role, she was crafty, a little slimy in character. She often butt her head with the commanding officer, played by Mistuishi Kotono-sama. Her methods are most often just to get things done, without regarding consequences. To her, the end completely justified the means, no matter how disgusting the means were.

As Flley Alster, Houko-chan was playing one of her best roles – as a spoiled brat. Ever since Nadeshico, I’ve been feeling that Houko-chan’s best roles are when she play brats or ojo-samas. Male or female. But of course, I like her female roles better.

She played a perfect ojo-sama in Black Lagoon when voice acted Washimine Yukio, who suddenly had her world ruined right in front of her, and she had to deal with the consequences thrusted upon her.

I think her voice has a tinge of whinnies but not annoy enough to piss me off. A litle bitchy, quite beautiful and knowing it, and just doesn’t hold back enough venom – is the essence of what her voice is all about.

However, she can also play a variety of other roles. From Kirika the amnesia killer in Noir, to the innocent and other worldly Kisaragi Quon in Rahxephon, she’s lovely in a lot of her roles, and her little clueless bitchiness is just so cute.

I’ve been using the word “bitchiness” too much simply because I feel that the best way to describe her voice. But as an Otaku, I love it and I don’t mind it.

As for her male or masculine voice, I seldom cared for these. She played Kagura in Azumanga Daioh. I don’t think she shined all that much, but she was competent. The exception would her voice in Claymore. Playing as the world-weary Clare, She did very well as someone who had loss a great deal but still fought and marched forward not giving in to the urges to slaughter, destroy, and self-destruct.

In real life, she has a reputation of not holding back when she’s got something to say. In Taiwanese terms, it’s called having a “poisoned tongue.” I personally think brutal honesty is the best policy, though I don’t do it much.

Lastly, I want to talk about her looks a little bit. I used to have the pictures from her photobook that I got off the net, in which I got a glimpse of the different sides of her, such as her soft and femine side, her stuck up side, her unrestrained, free, and relaxed sides. My favorite picture of her was when she sat on the red couch with her knees close to her chest, and barefoot with her hair tied back. She looked relaxed, not too flashy, and not stuck up at all.

Unfortunately, I lost that picture due to a virus attack. I’d appreciate it very much if someone could help me finding it again. Not the cropped version where her feet are cropped, but the whole version where her whole frame is visible. In any case, before studios started picking up people with only looks and not much talent, and Hirano Aya, who’s got talent as well as looks, Houko-chan was one of the prettier seiyuu that broke the mold of traditional views on seiyuu that seiyuus either had great voices but no looks, or had looks but only mediocre voice acting skills. No, she’s not the best looking of them all, but she’s pretty good looking, and no, she doesn’t have special voices like Megumi-sama or Kikuko-sama, but she has a wide range of voice acting skills.

I’ll be looking forward to her new works.

P.S. I apologize for my choppy sentences. For me, it’s simply easier to like Kuwashima Houko-chan then analyze and talk about her. I’m thinking of doing someone like Hayashibara Megumi-sama next time. But we’ll see.

Odex again?

From ANN

Singapore’s Odex Subs Haruhi with Similar Text to Fansub 

Fans are reporting that Singaporean licensor Odex’s release of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya anime series contains translation excerpts identical to an earlier unauthorized subtitled video released by the a.f.k. group. Representatives of Odex have yet to comment in the ongoing discussions (with comparison images) on this topic on its official forums.

According to various nations’ laws (standardized internationally through the Berne Convention), translations are derivative works and remain subject to the authorization and copyrights of the original owners – in this case, Nagaru Tanigawa, Noizi Ito, and “member of SOS” (the real production committee named after the story’s fictional club).

Ray’s take: simply tasteless.

Questionaire about anime fandom…

From ANN

Ru Igurashi’s 10th Annual Anime Fan Questionnaire
Anime fan Ru Igurashi is running his 10th Annual Fan Questionnaire, which surveys the state of the English-speaking anime fandom and its interests. He first posted the questionnaire in the summer of 1997 on the rec.arts.anime Usenet newsgroups, and now administers it on the web.

Ray’s take:  whew…what a long-assed survey. Just fill in: “Yes, I get all my anime legit” actually takes forever…

For our British Audience (if you guys didn’t know about this one already)

From Anime Corporation News –

Anime Screenings in London

Barbican will be screening the anime titles listed below from October 2007 to June 2008 in London. Admission tickets cost £8.50, more information can be found here

Romeo X Juliet – October 30, 2007
Byosoku 5 Centimeters – November 27, 2007
Tales from Earthsea – January 29, 2008
Yugo the Negotiator – February 26, 2008
Area 88 – March 25, 2008
Patlabor II – April 29, 2008

Ray’s take:  pardon me sir (please try very hard to forgive my supremely god-awful, pretentious and phony British accent), but do they serve tea, crumpets, and ale at anime screenings?