Debu Note!

I think this parody of Death Note pretty much is a signal that this show has made it into the mainstream of Japanese pop culture, not just the otaku niche. (The same applies to any musician who gets parodied by Weird Al.) Not to mention that it’s awfully funny…in a Super Size way, if you know what I mean.

Anyone know what show this comes from? It’s definitely from a SNL/Mad TV type show.

Strike Witches: Delightfully Crazy

Do you remember that episode early on in Welcome to the NHK where Satou and Yamazaki are sitting in a cafe in Akibhabara, trying to come up with a main character for their eroge? Remember after being immersed in the Otaku Holy Land, Satou basically threw every single gal-game cliche at Yamazaki, who’s furiously sketching as Satou suggests a half-alien maid-robot with cat ears who is a childhood friend and is possessed of a spirit of a fox and…

Well: take that idea. Give them a high budget–a very high one. Give it a genuine classical music soundtrack (Rachmaninov’s 18th Variation on a Theme by Paganini in this case), a serious war story, and add WWII-style dogfight sequences. Add fan service.

What you get is what you see above–Strike Witches, an upcoming OAV. Every single moe convention seems to be thrown into this one, as well as mecha drama, and even more–it works. It’s beautiful to look at and even, at the end, a little stirring, which is far beyond anything I expect from this genre. This is an 8.5 minute triumph. It shouldn’t work, but it dang it, it does. I watched slack-jawed at the sheer audacity, ridiculousness, and delight that went into this production.

I must watch the full length episodes of this when it comes out. Now.

HT to my friend moritheil for introducing this to me.

Could Haruhi Suzumiya Work as a Live Action Series?


The rumors have been flying over the English anime blogosphere about the possibility of a live-action Haruhi Suzumiya J-drama starting soon. (See here and here, where the rumor originated.) According to one commenter elsewhere, however, someone from the infamous 2chan actually called the production companies to confirm and they have neither confirmed nor denied it, so the cast above is probably a wishlist and not the actual casting. Being unable to read Japanese, I can’t confirm anything–a disadvantage we have as English speaking anime fans…I have to trust those who do have m4d ski11z.
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Best Female Seiyuu and (Oh, fine) Male Seiyuu – your thoughts?

So. I’ve been silenced for a few days – no, I didn’t get whacked by Noir, though I wouldn’t mind being whacked as long as I got autographs from them (it’d be even better if I got that from the the actual seiyuus), and no, I wasn’t send to an alternate universe, even though that white mobile suit looked awfully inviting, but my brain really hasn’t evolved beyond girls with guns talking shit, and I really hate to live in space or have to blast that poor Jinn for the trillionth time (the pilot complained that he doesn’t get paid enough…he must be Taiwanese). Oh, and I wasn’t sent to SE Asia with a secret data disk in my pocket, but I do have more than enough anime collections on burned discs…, I mean purchased DVDs. I mean, you know this entry is fictional, right? I’m really just some guy who lives on an island off S. America, and people here happen to love anime! Hey, we didn’t ask people to burn them or download them or bit torrent them – these are for educational purposes for the people who live on this island only – to teach us the art and the regular culture of Japanese.

But wow, Japanese girls sure are moe. These days even seiyuus are moe.
I was just told that I’m off the topic. Oh well, what the hell. I know this topic is supposedly about the your thoughts of best female and/or male seiyuus, but you know what? I’m curious as to if you agree that Hirano Aya is the goddess of Moe. I mean, if she were a goddes in Ah! Megami-sama, she’d be the goddess of Moe, and all the loser men in that show will simply bow down and kiss her feet. I mean, I really don’t give a damn about motorcycles and all that – I just want the damned thing to work!

(Ouch..ow! Stop it! Stop hitting me!) All right, all right. I really hate getting whacked by falling metallic wash basins. So yeah, anyway, to make this post look like it isn’t hastily made up because I haven’t watched any Kyoshiro after eps8(the Chinese fansubbers already finished eps 10, but I’ve lost interest) and can’t put down any episode summaries, I’ll post some pictures of my candidates for the best female seiyuus and my candidate for the goddess of Moe for a place in yggadrasil..Oh, and I’ll place a picture of male seiyuu. So anyone who cares to continue, please click below. Otherwise, there are far better posts and links to keep an average Otaku such as yourself entertained (I’m posting one here for your bit torrent pleasure).

Here’s the link if you don’t want to see the seiyuu pics:
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Spring 2007: What Looks Really Interesting?

So I’ve been looking at the listings of what’s coming out this upcoming (or, actually, just already started) season in anime. The winter has been rather disappointing, after the astonishingly good run from spring to fall of last year (or maybe it was just filled with shows that I happened to like a lot, like Honey and Clover II, NHK, Higurashi, Haruhi, Black Lagoon, etc). I haven’t done nearly as many episode reviews as I would have liked, as a result, because I only ended up following a couple of shows regularly.

So in this post, I’m going to take a glance at the shows that I find the most interesting this upcoming season, the ones I’m most likely to follow right off the bat. Tomorrow, I’ll follow up with info on shows that might look all right but I’ll wait to see what others think. But for today, these shows are shows I’ll pick up and follow, barring unexpected levels of suckage.

Feel free to add any more suggestions for things you think look extremely promising, but I may have overlooked based on my genre prejudices. :) (Or if you think one of these looks very likely to suck.)

The info/list of everything next season is taken from animeonline, who have formatted it very nicely. Kudos.
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Scattered Cels Podcast #10 – Toilet Humor

In this episode, Ray, Jeremy, and I tackle the Seiyuu Oscars in Tokyo, the Death Note laptop, the manga artist who has released his own line of illustrated toilet paper, and some more comments on the Naruto Shippenden arc! I also give a full review of Soukou no Strain, which I finished watching recently.

Leave your questions and comments at in the comments section of this post! Thanks.

Show Notes
–OP: “God Knows,” Aya Hirano (from Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)
–ED: “Fusion Star,” by Kotoko
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Nodame Cantabile 8



Aww, Chiaki didn’t play the Rach 2 after all! Stresemann was apparently using it as a way to make him go away and let him take over the S Orchestra again. On the other hand, we did get to see Nodame actually playing Chopin. I love Chopin–I often listen to Chopin nocturnes and preludes when I’m working on homework and papers. I also remember trying to learn a couple too, late in my piano-playing years. I never got the hang of them.
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Scattered Cels Laugh Track #0 – Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora 01

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Well…after a long hiatus, and even though we’re not all that happy with some of the results, we’ve decided to release this anyway–the zeroth episode Laugh Track, a downloadable Mystery Science Theater 3000-style commentary track for a particular episode of anime. This is episode 0, not 1, because we learned a lot of lessons from this first attempt and we know we can do better in the future. There’s still good stuff in this episode–especially in the second half–but we’re aware we can work on some better lines and better timing. This episode was done with very little preplanning and is more or less spontaneous. (You can even hear the Skype popping noises in the background…though, oddly, I think it works to alert when one of our comments is coming. :))

The way you use this file is to play Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora episode 1 at the moment the file tells you to–or, if you have the AAC edition, just cue up the chapter.

Anyways, enjoy what we’ve got! We plan to make this a semi-regular feature (probably once a month at most–we realized it takes a lot of planning to do this really well). We’d also love to hear your suggestions about what show we should tackle next. Leave your comments and suggestions below! Thanks.

Scattered Cels Podcast #9 – My Bad Charlie Rose Impersonation!

In this episode, I do a totally inaccurate Charlie Rose impersonation (what would he ask about moe?), and talk about To Heart 2, the Haruhi Suzumiya broadcast order DVDs, Soukou no Strain first impressions, and what anime characters you’d like to be friends with! Jeremy couldn’t join us this week as he needed a break.

Please leave any questions or anything else you want us to address in the next episode in the comments section of this post! Thanks.

Show Notes
–OP: “Aozora Pedal,” by Arashi
–ED: “Under the Blue Sky,” by The Indigo (from Someday’s Dreamers)
Japanese fans took a poll to vote on which anime character they want
to be friends with. Doraemon wins by a large margin, with Lupin 3rd
following close behind…surprises include Rei Ayanami from Evangelion
in 9th place. Mostly because she’s so unsociable to begin with. :)
Haruhi Suzumiya comes to Region 1 DVD in May. Here’s the interesting
thing about it: as everyone knows, the broadcast TV episode order is
intentionally scrambled, but apparently the Japanese Region 2 DVDs
were released in chronological order. The regular edition of the
American DVDs will also be in chronological order, as specified by
contract with the Japanese licensor. However, the American special
edition will contain a bonus disc that has the show in broadcast order
to satisfy fan demand.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Cliche Harem Comedy!

I couldn’t pass this video up and just to had to share it everyone. This is very well made and very funny for everyone who knows what this show is REALLY about:

It’s got everything: the first names of the girls scrolled under their action shots. The over synthesized J-pop soundtrack with an impossibly squeeky singer pushed through loads of Vocoder. Cutesy logo. These guys got the formula down cold!

HT to Random Musings, who AFAIK spotted it first. :)

Musou Orochi – the coombination of Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors.

Again, I don’t know if this is news to anyone, but Koei is going to release a game that combines Dynasty Warrior characters and Samurai Warrior characters, in the same game (oh rejoice, rejoice for the world of supreme hacking and slashing has come forth to cure us of our stressful world)!

There will be a final boss named Orochi – appearantly he has something to do with snakes or his name means a huge snake in Japanese, but what that entails (ha ha) I don’t know. But as a fan of the series (come on, they’re not really two series), I can’t wait to get the Taiwanese release when it comes out! 70 characters with tag team play – you can select 3 characters for each stage and if the character you’re playing is dying you can tag another one in! Oh dear joy!

New moves, new musous, new stories, and for fans who know something about the background of either or better, both series, this will be a treat!

Oh, and for you lucky P3 owners (boy, you must make big bucks), this isn’t even news any more but KOEI’s releasing Gundam Musou with space battles included! For the Amuro Ray or Char Aznoble in all (OK, SOME) of us! What? For the Camille in you? Oh…

Orochi official web site

For more pictures see extended entry – All pictures belong to KOEI of course.
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