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(Late) Rie Tanaka Panel Liveblog

I came 5 minutes late due to subway lateness–but thank God for taxis.

11:18 AM: Which role was hardest to play? Lacus Clyne. She didn’t feel the character was quite so realistic, because she’s not so emotional–“not so expressive”–always had to be gentle and nice, with not so much emotional variation.

11:21 AM: So many people are trying to ask questions in Japanese! She just did a Suigintou voice though.

11:21 AM: Rie poses US a question: who plays video games? Practically everyone raises his or her hand. Internet games? Nearly everyone keeps their hand up. “There is no life without video games.” She also asks how do you stop yourself from playing when you have work to do? “Sheer force of will,” one audience member says. Rie giggles, claps her hands.

11:24 AM: she notes that doing voices for games is more demanding, because she has to read through much more material at once. “Feel like I’m an addict of the game.” Playing games on the train “makes me feel like I’m in heaven.”

11;25 AM: What is her favorite moment in Bianci (sp?) The wedding. Makes her feel very “girly.”

11:27 AM: Someone says “Aishteru!”

11:28 AM: Any future roles as Lacus Clyne? She doesn’t know.

11:30 AM: Can’t hear the question. Something abotu Gundam Seed. Someone just gave her a gift. Plus she just gave everyone a chance to take a picture with the gift. More people are presenting gifts. THE MOST LIBERAL MANAGEMENT EVAR

11:34 AM: Yomi reminds her of the way people get obsessed with dieting. “It was really cute.”

11:34 AM: (Her): Who’s a fan of Azumanga Daioh? Chobits? Gundam Seed? The last gets the most cheers. She is also looking for Lacus cosplayers.

11:36 AM: Someone asks a question about Kara no Kyoukai (yay!!!). Did she enjoy her role? Very heavy character and story (of course!) First time she played such a sad, tragic character (Kirie: an enemy of Shiki. I think this was movie 3?)

11:39 AM: Sing something for us? Which one? Anything? She sings the Lacus song from last night (song #3). This is on tape. She really CAN sing, too.

11:42 AM; More guests. She’s asking to stand up to do rock-paper-scissors. this is for prizes, including cds. I lose round 1.

11:44 AM: Panel over. I didn’t get any questions in. But I do have good footage from the front row.

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