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Clannad 3–A Little Step Back

I don’t know how I can write reviews sometimes too!

I remember I was gushing over episode 2, probably more for personal reasons than for genuine artistic ones (though I do think this is the strongest start to a Key show ever), and so it was just a little disappointing to see it slip back into a more “typical” kind of mode with this episode. Of course, it’s way too early to prejudge anything–dang it, I learned that lesson by now!–but this episode more than the previous ones felt more like a collection of loosely connected vignettes rather than a more cohesive story that was pulling forward in a certain direction.

On the other hand, it was also genuinely funny.

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Myself; Yourself 2-3–Just One Shot…

Now that’s haunting

…can change your entire perception of the show. Higurashi played this trick, as did School Days. All it takes is one menacing moment to make you realize that not all is as it seems. That’s how much of a jolt that one moment in Myself; Yourself episode 3 was to me.

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Kimikiss Pure Rouge 2–The Repentance Continues

Those of us who were only children could only dream of this

Yesterday I repented of my initial thoughts about ef~a tale of memories. Today I repent in dust and ashes for my initial review of Kimikiss Pure Rouge. You are all right: this is a different show altogether than what I thought. It is still slightly grating to see some cliches but it is already coming to be an above average high school romance. It’s certainly better than Myself; Yourself, though even that one is showing some promising signs (more to come in another review soon).

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Mike on ef-a tale of memories 2: I Have Got to Stop Being So Hasty

This just might describe a few of my recent reviews.

I think Owen’s right: the beginning of a new season seems to make anime bloggers like me dumber. Already I’ve begun building up a track record of unfair initial reviews, like my Kimikiss one, and trumpeted shows that later disappointed me. ef-a tale of memories is a show that I pretty much dissed just yesterday (though I’d seen episode 1 several days back), and I’m already having to backtrack on my opinion after seeing episode 2…I’m warming to it in a somewhat similar manner in the way I warmed to Clannad by episode 2.

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Clannad 2–The Rainy Season

Nagisa, saint of moe sadness, pray for us otaku, now and in the hour of our loneliness

I must be succumbing to the Borglike consensus or something: I liked this episode. A lot. Very much. Just but short of love, but only just. So far the show looks very promising and I’m beginning to warm to the main set of characters, which, when it happens at this early stage, is almost always a good sign.

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KimiKiss Pure Rouge 1–Yawn

Don’t worry. Just watch this show.

I could just give this a one word review, in the words of Homer Simpson:

But I think I, Michael, owe you a little more explanation. So here it goes.

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