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Take A Step Out of Your Comfort Zone with Sumo

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There’s always many things a person can think within a life time. Is it easy to change a career? Would it be easy to move to another country? Even if you move to another country, can living there be adjusted? I imagine for Scott who failed as a football player in U.S. suburbia moving to Tokyo, Japan to be a sumo wrestler, then that would be an impossible feat. Never say never and as they do in comics, the impossible happens.

Sumo is a trade paperback, so the pages are printed on glossy pages, that has various colors. Be aware of the color usage in this story as a tool for telling time in the story whether it is a flashback or a present event.

Personally I don’t see as much books like this that mentions a Japanese sport, so to just experience something that is not necessary the same as American wrestling, this is an eye opening read. This book is targeted toward adults, but can be also enjoyed by teenagers. For other types of books I feel that is out there, that is worth picking up to read that has the same vibe as this type of book is Jiro Taniguchi’s The Summit of the Gods or Natsume Ono’s titles.

If you do get a chance to read this book, published by First Second, remember to cue Survivor’s Eye of Tiger .

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