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Toradora 21 – the frustration…the frustration!!!

You know this show has got me into anguish. I was tempted to tear my wife beater-shirt apart in biblical anguish (not the Incredible Hawk-like anguish) over their relationships.

The person who’s telling the truth is frankly sick and tired of all the facade and pointless emotional sacrifices that are going on, and she’s telling Minori to either do something or give the fuck up, so that the person can actually get some chance (I guessed) with Ryuji, who is such a great guy (in the otaku-fantasy anime world, anyway). She’s just tired of all the cheerful façade and the dutiful demeanor that’s just so traditional Asian like and yet just so sickening at the same time. As for Ryuji…?

Frankly, in US culture, a girl would just tell him to get a spine. Rough, rowdy and insensitive American women, stay away from me!

(I’m seeing all the potential flames already)

But damn, this is the episode where the potential fan service is shut down (bad for DVD sales – damn they got balls) and the truth explodes in different directions. Good job, directors and writers! That’s true guts in today’s post-economic crash world! Anything that would actually make me care and yet almost tearing my cloths in anguish (don’t worry, I’m NOT posting any pics of that) is in my no-way-humble opinion, awesome. And you know the best part is?

It’s not so overtly done that I’d rather stop watching. Great soap, great job, and a great potential DVD buy.

Don’t forget the follow the side character a little; it’s actually worth it, too.

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