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Part-time wandering artifact, part-time student, Wintermuted's travels from the wastelands of California's Coachella Valley have crystallized his love of all-things soulful & strange. A child of the VHS era, and often working for the anime man, his voyages continue onward in the name of bridging generations of Japanese popular art together. Can also be found via , as well as !
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20 Years of Macross Plus: What Pioneers May Come

“Dedicated to all pioneers..” A wink to both the past, and maybe things to come? It’s a difficult thing, topping what many consider to be…

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How To Muddle A Rebellion: Space Pirate Captain Harlock (2013)

Reinterpretation can often be an exciting, yet dicey thing, especially in regards to classic characters. And upon first catching the often breathtaking teasers for Shinji…

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Through Older Lenses: Cosmos Pink Shock (1986)

It’s the year 2206, and a bright pink spacecraft has made an unauthorized launch from Pluto Space Base #17, and is sporting its hyper rocket…

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Bridging The Gap: Longing For The Lyrical (Galaxy Express 999)

To expound feelings about the upcoming tweets, I cannot help but feel like anime as a medium has long been teetering between iconographic storytelling and…

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Through Older Lenses: Prefectural Earth Defense Force (1986)

Meanwhile, at Hazama Medical University Hospital.. Ever have one of those bad hospital experiences? The kind that shake your faith in the medical establishment, and…

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Kill la Kill FINAL : A Farewell To Uniformity

Well there’s a feeling I haven’t experienced in an age. Looking back at the first piece I slapped together regarding Studio Trigger’s initial leap into…

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