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School Days Cast Interview: Holding Back

Left to right: Kotonoha, Makoto, and Sekai

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I suppose we can fire one more salvo at the dead corpse of this show, eh? I just saw that the 6.5 minute cast interview, featuring the seiyuu for Makoto, Sekai, and Kotonoha, was translated. Do we learn anything new or insightful about the show? No. If anything, the voice actors hold back any sense of how the show really ends up, a sordid little mess; like the show’s beginning, it’s sold as an innocent school romance.

But sooner or later, the truth emerges, as you know it will.

Sekai’s seiyuu characterizes her as a “childhood friend,” which is actually technically untrue; Sekai and Makoto hardly know each other prior to the show’s start. However, it is true that she is in the role usually arrogated to the childhood friend: loud, boisterous, tsundere, and shafted. Big time. BIIIG TIIIME.

Of course, the question we really want answered is this.


Better last words have never been spoken.

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