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Nogisaka Haruka no Himitsu – YEAAAAAAAAAH RIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!

Well, dream on Otaku boys (that of course includes me) but this never happens in real life.

I got the same conclusion after watching episodes 1 and 2.

Oh sure. A glass guy who’s actually not an otaku but exhibits all the behaviors of an anime lead especially when facing a cute girl??? Come on!

A rich girl who’s into anime, or rather actuall, who’s otaku? Yeah right.

And she acts just like the main harem girl lead? Oh my god.

Mamiko-chan, why oh why oh why???

There are things catering to the average otaku everywhere, but all masked under the illusion that some rich ojosama would like otaku culture.

You know the closest thing that actually happened was Pentabu’s blog about his fujoshi kanojo – that woman was (and probably still is) an office lady who looks nothing like a fujoshi, but she was a heavy fujoshi.

Oh boy, why is it that I just got more cynical about it?

– Because it’s so fake that it’s incredible?

– Because it’s harder to believe than that a character like Kosaka from Genshiken is actually an otaku?

– Because this tries so hard to be different but the stereotypes found are everywhere?

– Because every single Russian man are muscular and huge?

Uh…For the last one please watch the episode.

Cliches, cliches, cliches. It’s endless!

Oh and, don’t forget to rewind and watch the part about the first time holding it in her hands…Ooh, it’ll feel great all right…

But the novel that this anime came from is quite popular in Japan.

Oh well, maybe they can’t find gullible in their dictionaries either.

Give it a shot, chances are it’ll warm your heart, too, if you’re just like me.

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