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Kanon Wakeshima Interview – AM2 Press Junket

Here’s our short but sweet interview with Kanon Wakeshima at this year’s AM2 Press Junket! She’s best known as the singer of the ED to “Vampire Knight.” We ask her about women in cello, goth lolita style, and her love of classical music.

Transcript follows the break. Translation provided by Tony from the Nihon Review (@KylaranAeldin). Thanks!

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Otakon concert: Geist and Kanon Wakeshima


The hall was packed Saturday at Otakon, the line forming three hours beforehand and stretching around and back. Only the careful attentions of staffers kept it from devouring itself like an ouroboros of human bodies. Gear in hand, I sat in the press section and chatted with the official photographers while we waited for the seats to fill.

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J-Pop in London…

From Anime Corporation News

J-Pop Halloween Event in London

…Halloween-themed j-pop event will be held in London on October 20th at Cafe Manga, near the Westminster Brdige of County Hall…

Ray’s take: Well, I can just picture the amount of goth lolis that’s going to be there…I hope you don’t get choked to death by the fume of black make up and die in a pool of black ink if you do go! On the other hand, if you see an old Japanese dude wearing a t-shirt that says “Taro Aso FTW” and wearing a Golgo-13 hat and a Shinku tatoo, please give him our condolences for not being elected as the prime minister of Japan…