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Take a Chance on The Wandering Son

To clear it out of the way, if you are a anime viewer, then The Wandering Son anime is on Crunchy Roll. But if you happen to have the opportunity to read the manga prior, then I really would recommend it. The manga brings a richer background than the snippet of the anime, but as a start to GLBT awarness and acceptance, knowing of a work like this is important.

This is a slice of life story, with the events of Nitori Shuichi, a pre-adolescent male protagonist having a secret desire to cross dress as a girl, and this brings to the forefront ideas of sexual identity and just how open or condemming a society can get toward individuals who want to change their gender no matter how young they are. Nitori befriends Takatsuki Yoshino, a girl who wants to be a boy.  In the events of the second book, they befriend a transgendered individual, who becomes an inspiration

Reading this book shows an acceptance toward GLBT.  Personally I wonder how long can Shimura Takako write with the stories of this character, since reading this series for me feels like another slice of life with Usagi Drops in terms of pacing.

There are great enlightening essays written by Matt Thorne post script of the main story. I definitely would recommend reaading this book to learn of Japan’s awareness of this controversial topic.

Japan as a society is very unique, with their unspoken acceptance on what is a unique scenario for people in their society. There can be condemation for GLBT individuals, but historically men and cross dressing has been openly done, and up to now. Females and males in Japan society can cross dress to fans of many.

Fantagraphic getting the opportunity to publish this in English has been great, since they published The Wandering Son straight into being hard covers. This shows off an awarness that there are some titles to not pass up.

The third volume would be released later this year around May 2012.

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