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If you happen to google “Sailor Moon” “Manga” “Artbooks”, you shall definitely see images from the volumes of Sailor Moon. This is a series of seven art books that were published by Kodansha during the years when Sailor Moon was being released. Since that time, these books have been quite out of print. These images are quite ingrained into the minds of fans for being the pinnacle of how Sailor Moon is suppose to be on paper and in color.

Concepts explored..

I can seriously say that these drawings fuel theory and thoughts over the year. The Inners with the Dark Kingdom generals. Takeuchi never really mentioned about the Moon Kingdom except through flashback and foreshadow through Sailor V and Sailor Moon, but this image is one that broke perceptions, that doesn’t even eclipse Haruka and Michiru. Yet for the romanticists, I can only sigh.. as this for me is akin to being something as an Jane Austen romance can provide.

Briefly summing:

  • Volumes 1-2 covers only the Inners and if you count the anime into this, Sailor Moon to Sailor Moon R.
  • Volume 3-4 has the Outers, alongside the continuing seasons of Sailor Moon S to Sailor Moon Super S.
  • Volume 5 includes the Starlights, and Chibi Chibi. This covers Sailor Stars.
  • Materials Collection has the character sketches and drawings of the entire Sailor Moon cast series, along with a short manga.

Each volume also cover manga’s noted villains, and so what would happen to be your favorite set of villains and Sailor Warriors?

My collection of artbooks sadly does not include the Infinity one which I have seen on sale topping $1,000+ at Otakon and on eBay. This is a collectors boom to ever own these seven books, and just so you know if you happen to want to read any of the week long worth of MMF with Sailor Moon, check out here! I am currently rushing on just one more blog entry, hopefully I make it.. but if anything…  Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

あけまして おめてどう ございます!!!!!!!

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