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Bread.. we must fight for the best one in Yakitate!! Japan

I may be late in the reading specific titles.. and if anyone ever pays attention to my tweets, I posted this photo one time. Yet I digress… I am pretty much fascinated, and furiously reading/devouring Yakitate!! Japan, as much as I can.

This gives a whole other meaning to learning some really random facts, that is not really useful in every day living, but can definitely break conversation on the topic of foodies, and probably make some people drool over the food descriptions.  In Yakitate!! Japan, that is the aspects of making bread.

Kazuma Azuma is on a quest to bake the best Ja-pan – that is bread, and to achieve this goal, he gets employed at Pantasia a well known bread making chain store.

With most of Shonen Jump series, there are clear story arcs defined. At this point of reading up to volume 17, I can point out three arcs.  Surprisingly this is a relatively short Shonen Jump series, only about 26 volumes. (There is a 69 episode anime series that came out from this manga.)

  1. Starting out at Pantasia
  2. Monaco Cup
  3. Quest for Pantasia food competition.

One thing that makes this a great read is the highly over exaggerated comedic reactions of the characters. At some points I am mentally cheering, and at other point, I feel very grossed out. There are some characters I love to hate..  *cough* Yukino *cough*.. *cough* Kirisaki *cough*

Back in the Monaco Cup arc, with the character of Pierrot, definitely reminded me of Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter. There are many interesting tidbits shared about the country of Japan, and with Pantasia Food competition, I notice a parody on SMAP…that is a group I love to pay attention to.

Other good read alikes for this book is obvious food manga like Oishinbo, for the many references that there is. Another is like Toriko, with the obvious food search, competition.

A thing to note is that from the recipes mentioned in this book, Erinf, and Reverse Theives also made experiments to see if recipe mentioned in the book, can actually be put up to the test of what was mentioned at the book.

Look at thoses hands go...
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