20th Century Boys – You are my friend!

As with many of Urusawa’s works, his manga begins on a slow note, and goes into a realm where readers must continue reading to finish the series. 20th Century Boys is a popular title, that spun off three successful live action adaptations, and won awards when it was published. Currently this 22-volume series has 11-volumes available in English from Viz. Vol 12 will be available in December 2010.

This is a slice of life reality story in dealing with a cult, and the dangers that cults can probably bring, so you probably shouldn’t join one in the first darn place. The cult featured in this series, is quite scary for me, even before I began reading this series, and to know how the symbol, had me definitely thinking what a silly idea, and yet what a very randomly intelligent one.

Hero with a baby...

The central character is Kenji, as he is an unlikely hero. He  is shocked to see the reality of a childhood idea he thought up, and come to life. People he know are dying or disappearing around him. Who is the masked man, and what must Kenji do to save the world? He is a very unlikely hero…and who can he trust?

Masked Hattori-kun

The manga time skips a lot, from the characters past to book’s present time, and then back again.. so expect to notice and keep some memory of time, events, and places in mind, since it could recur again. Deja vu no?  Also the cast of character definitely change, some characters actually have more than one age bracket of appearance.

This is an action, suspense and well-plot developed story, that would be good for teens to adult category. So if you ever pick up this book, then probably you have read Urusawa’s other works, Monster, Master Keaton, Pluto.. You’ll definitely know what is considered to be an excellent form of manga, as praised by many manga readers.

Author: Linda

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  1. During my days wit Broccoli, this was one of the most universally cherished titles in the house. Urasawa’s writing is wonderful in a way that no simple movie could capture. Great work!

  2. Oh… I agree Urasawa’s writing is great.. lots of great pieces.. but I can only imagine any other adaptation attempts to pay homage.. or seeing if they can suck as much money out from fans.

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