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Iron man anime 04 works magic again

Now I’m simply confused; why does this simple little show works for me?

Man, even with the cheesy save by WOLVERINE (did the orignal comic feature guest appearance of Wolverine), I felt that it was satisfying in many ways. I did watch most of the first movie and the anime cleverly tacks onto it. The interweaving of the anime version of the flashback works just fine with the anime itself.

I didn’t find Nanami annoying this time. Even though the music score is the same as before, it works here, and like I said, tacking itself onto the movie really makes this episode thrilling and moving. It’s an advantage.

Once again…WTF is Wolvering doing here? A quick promo for the Japanese version of Wolvering? Honestly, man…

I know Clamp loves to put characters from one show into another. But this, too…?

The Wolverine here is very similar to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. The custom design is nearly the same, if not a carbon copy. But hey, it’s another good episode in a basic superhero show.

It’s just that, having nearly the same type of enemy every week is starting to get Sailor Moon on me. Zodiac, Zodiac, and more Zodiac. Ho-hum.

Oh well, at least they’re sticking to the basics.

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