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Haganai final episode – otakus gone wild!

Just finished watching Haganai (I don’t have many friends). Yozora got a hair cut really short, and she looks good! But story-wise, it wasn’t that interesting if I was watching it on TV, since there’s no simultaneous feedback from otakus. I enjoy the show because I can read what other otakus are thinking about the characters. And at some particular scene, otakus comments exploded!

The final episode was heart-warming. Childhood memory of Yozora still lingered on, and she finally told Kodaka why she didn’t show up that day when they were still in elementary school. Everybody thought she was a boy back then, but one day she wanted to tell Kodaka that she was actually a girl, so she wore a skirt to the park they planned to meet, but she got so shy. So, she bailed out at the last minute. And that reconstruction scene, otakus gone wild!

Yes, when it showed a little Yozora wearing a skirt, lifting up a little, checking to see if it looked funny on her, a girl always acting boyishly arrogant getting self-conscious suddenly… Oh boy, otakus went wild and commented, “ぺろぺろ pero-pero (sound of licking).”

Then, few seconds later, otakus comments exploded at once, “kawaii, buhiii!” They are like, “Oh my Gosh, the first time we see this, so cute. Loli is really cute!” “Why didn’t she lift it all the way up!” “Buhiiii (sound of pig cry, but also applied to perverted cry). Going berserk over Lolita. A typical violent and anti-social tom boy wanted to be seen as a girl! Yes, tsundere! Fuwahahahaha! There’s nothing more ecstatic than that!

Man, dogs. Why do they want to lick Loli? That’s really crazy! Well, it’s 2-D, alright! Nothing wrong. But it’s quite shocking to see “pero-pero” to an elementary school girl. It made me LOL. It surely made my day!

I enjoyed otaku’s reaction to a Loli version of Yozora more than the anime itself. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have watched the entire show. Yes, though I’m watching alone at my underground, I feel I share the moment with otakus. And yes, you can write comments too! Cyber-age! I think some shows are designed for that, and Haganai is the perfect one. While for some more serious shows like Mawaru Penguindrum I usually disable the comment section, so I can concentrate on the story.

Anyway, a fun show overall! That Loli part made the final episode superb!

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