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Catching up with Yamada’s first time

All Yamada wants to do is lose her virginity, and eventually sleep with 100 men. While the goal is definitely not as becoming as her gender, her antics of reaching this goal is quite funny. Since she has such high standards and is generally quite scared of committing, she ends up with pursuing Kosuda, the most average and densest person if possible to lose her virginity to.

With how dense Kosuda is, and not upfront Yamada is in her aggressive/passive courtship of Kosuda, there are plenty of mixed signals. There are also plenty of fan service that should either appeal or annoy viewers. The fan service in this show is quite predictable, so I was able to ignore, and concentrate on the main couple.

Since this is a sexual comedy, the comedy comes with the mental thoughts and the various characters ero-conscious selves. This show to me became a tamer version of Futari Ecchi aka Manga Sutura. Censorship shouldn’t be this obvious..

Watching this is an experience to watch if Yamada and Kosuda would actually do it. I find this a quick anime to watch in comparison to a lot of other fan service type of shows. I also happened to enjoy hearing Mamiko Noto’s voice again, and this type in an unlikely character as a older college age meddlesome sister.

Last time Anime Diet covered this anime, Moritheil had one article here, and Ray had three earlier entries, here, here, and here. As of this point Funimation has picked up this title to be released on DVD.

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