Working! My First impression

I read the 4-coma and I found it quite funny. Maybe it’s the concept of a wacky family restaurant, maybe it’s just everything is just so out of ordinary when presented in manga form. The characters are interesting and the quick delivery of the punchline really works for me. In other words, short and sweet.

I was mildly amused by the pre-run episode because they set up the atmosphere in such a relaxing way, which made me less in a mood to laugh. Frankly, I got bored. I had a hard time laughing like when I read the manga. Somehow, with so much more detail in front of me, I was unable to laugh out a loud. I’ve seen funnier anime in many places and this one gets a smile out of me but nothing more. Maybe it’s because I know all the punchlines from the manga, but even with that, this one was a mildly amusing experience at best.

Oh, and it’s pace is slow, even for an ordinary-life-based comedy show. The music doesn’t help, after all.

3 thoughts on “Working! My First impression

  1. Yeah, it’s hard to reconstruct the uniqueness of 4-koma manga humor in anime. I like Poplar’s gigantic Osage(pigtail). And despite her mini-size, she is full of energy. Why does she need to tackle and grab the guy to recruit? Looking at him with upward glance(uwamezukai)! Who can resist that!

    1. @ Monsieur LaMoe -Papura was moe, all right! But the show lacks that punch that would impress me!

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