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Umi Monogatari 08 – aww…their past as lolis

For all you loli-fans, a good portion of this episode will satisfy your needs. There are shots of Urin and Marin as little girls. I’m putting up enough screen caps for your pleasure!

That aside, loving someone is really hard, especially when:

1. That someone finds someone else interesting – as in the case that Urin perceives that Marin like Kanon better than liking her. The result? Urin turns into Mistress Nine-ish and succumb to the power of the dark side. Also insecurities involved.

2. When  you’re obsessed with your own problems- as in Kanon’s tendency to think negative and insecurity, which has been driving Kojima away. The result? There may be an apocolypse coming! Is that an allegory concerning love loss? Who cares!

3. When you love someone too much but cannot just say it and get the heartbreak over with – as in the case of Oshima, who just can’t step up and tell Kojima her feelings, even though she says that “I’ve never loved someone so much.” Of course, this show isn’t about her so we don’t really get to see her emotional struggles as much or some insightful monologue or what not. The result? She can’t get him to like her; she can’t really get rid of Kanon; she gets splashed and the competition continues for the sake of getting some romantic tension in this story.

4. When you love everyone and have too much love – as in Marin simply likes everyone she sees but having trouble distinguishing what kind of love is which, or in this case, she just doesn’t tell Urin about her love for her. See, talking is important! Also, Marin says “I love you!” way too often but not in a differiated way. The result? Urin can’t understand Marin’s sudden fascination with Kanon and as a spoiled little kid, Urin knows no better and succumbs to the power of the darkside. The world is in danger.

OK, enough said. Again, for loli shots, refer to some of the screen caps above…

Uninteresting and/or stereotypical side characters is definitely dragging this one down to the bottom of the ocean.

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