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Ultraviolet Code 044 ep03 – a woman in her last attempt at love in a gloomier Blade Runnerisque future

It’s the cynical side of anime but not quite cyberpunk, because there isn’t enough cybernetic stuff in this one. But the future certainly is gloomy, dark and dirty in this one without the awe, the sense of parading and the overblown 80’s music score (ala Bubblegum Crisis).

It’s like today’s Tokyo, only darker, edgier, grimmer. It’s nothing like the shiny, neon-flashing imaginative Tokyo/Mega City in BGC, Blade Runner, or even Kill Bill.

Her fate is clear. The end of this romance is clear, too. I guess it’s how we get there that matters.

Again, Romi’s voice is the only thing that’s holding the entire show up. Her deep and magnetic voice thrills me.

The action sequence does not, however. Not that it’s awful. It’s just isn’t anything spectacular.

You know, I’m not the type that believes “Love at first sight”. Hence to me, this is a little bit contrived. But again, 44 really doesn’t have that much longer to live, so why not fall in love with a pretty blond boy? An enemy at that. It’s a nice setting for a thrilling romance. But…

Nah, too over used for my taste. I’m still crazy about 80’s and I’d rather go watch BGC or Blade Runner and feel the awe that I first felt long ago, and with better sound track, too.

Boy, Romi’s mature voice is hot.

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